Sipar 3000 series

Aluminum systems for stairs, balconies and railings

We produce aluminum systems for balconies, railings, stair handrails, gates and fences. The Sipar 3000 line offers all the components and accessories to create complete systems: in addition to the profiles, available in any RAL colour, in the catalogue you will also find all the other essential elements such as plugs, fittings, rings, supports, hinges and brackets.

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The Sipar 3000 line is designed to offer maximum versatility to homeowners and installers.

The SIPAR 3000 range includes different types of profiles (slat profiles of various shapes and sizes, rounded, rectangular or oval handrail profiles, door profiles with beating, glass holders ). Together with the wide choice of accessories, they allow you to assemble any type of final product, for perfect integration with the building and its architecture.

The technical characteristics and construction quality of the 3000 Series products make installations long-lasting, optimizing their resistance to atmospheric agents and stresses and minimizing future maintenance needs. The catalogue of components, finishes and colors allows the aesthetic rendering of balconies and railings to be perfectly aligned with the building project to be carried out, whether it is new construction or renovation.

Choose Sipar 3000

For maximum customization

The production possibilities of our departments also allow us to create customized design profiles, which respond to the specific needs of the customer. Furthermore, the decorative elements and functional details make each assembly unique.

Glass door

The glass holder and glass bead profiles allow you to create ultra-modern installations, which enhance the aesthetics while guaranteeing maximum safety.
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Ornamental caps

To complete the assembly of stairs, balconies and railings you can use more than twenty types of ornamental caps.
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Handrail profiles

It is the construction details, such as the numerous handrail profiles available, that make the Sipar 3000 series an always valid option.
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Building quality

Practical and fast installation

Sipar 3000 systems are simple to install, so as to allow installers and contractors to carry out quick and practical assembly on any type of building site. The technical manuals of the products are designed to ensure maximum clarity and facilitate the work of those who choose to include our profiles in their building plans.

It is also possible to choose to lay assemblies designed by our technicians to offer functionality and performance: the presence of profiles, components, accessories and construction schemes makes installation streamlined and efficient, making the Sipar 3000 series a comfortable and convenient choice.

Versatility of use

Ideal for restoration work

The robust, flexible and resistant properties of aluminium, make it the preferred choice for outdoor use. Perfect for the renovation or replacement of old wooden structures , Sipar 3000 profiles have a modern and design look, are safe and have a guaranteed long life over the years.

  • Quick replacement of old wooden systems
  • Realistic wood effect paint

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