Packable sunscreen with strings
Our sunscreens for outdoor use are foldable and consist of a pre-painted aluminum alloy blade with a thickness of 0.45 mm. They can be operated by rod or by motor, with a galvanized steel box.,

Adjustment of light

Aluminum sunscreens from the Sipar experience

The sunscreens solve the problems deriving from the direct and continuous exposure of the rooms to the sun’s rays. Their goal is to effectively screen the entry of light , in order to limit excessive brightness and the rise in temperatures and improve indoor comfort without necessarily resorting to the use of air conditioning systems.

  • Perfect modulation of sunlight
  • Efficiency and sustainability
  • Privacy and protection

By adjusting the position of the slats from 0 to 90° it is possible to regulate the entry of light and air into the rooms , protecting them from heat and making optimal use of daylight for excellent energy savings.

Easily regulate the amount of sunlight entering a room

The installation of sunscreen systems is recommended on the sides of buildings that are exposed to UV rays for long hours during the day. Their fixed or adjustable slats adapt to the conditions of solar radiation, adjusting the brightness and internal temperature to the needs of those who live or work in the spaces.

Among the main advantages of installing sunscreens is energy saving, deriving from better control of the indoor climate and the consequent reduction in the use of cooling systems. Making domestic or industrial environments more efficient allows for an interesting reduction in consumption and costs , to the benefit of the ecosystem.

Our sunscreens integrate perfectly with the aesthetics and architecture of each building and can mount manual or electric movement mechanisms , for maximum flexibility of installation and daily use.

String sunscreeens

Models available

Sunshade profiles


Sunscreen profiles for outdoor use “C” shape


Sunscreen profiles for outdoor use “Z” shape

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