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The Sipar blog is the right place to always keep you updated on the progress of the sector and get to know what’s new in advance. Consult our news, to always be one step ahead on technologies, products and techniques that can make your environments more comfortable, functional and safe , with a touch of design.

The new Sipar website: local, international and digital!

Our local identity has always been a valid support for the development of our brand and for its expansion in the world. Strongly rooted in the fertile industrial area of Brescia ,...
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The insulated box: characteristics and advantages

hat characteristics should a good insulated box have? At SIPAR we have been producing boxes and shutters for 25 years and we know it well…...
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Curved profile in insulated aluminium: ROLLIGHT rolling shutters

The advantages of aluminum and PVC combined in a highly insulating shutter that does not give up on design and functionality. Discover the profile and contact us!...
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Trends for windows and roller shutters: manufacturers’ opinion

What are the trends for 2023 windows? As manufacturers of roller shutters we receive more and more requests for products with high…...
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Quality roller shutters: characteristics and how to choose them

When is a rolling shutter of quality? Pros and cons of aluminium, PVC and steel, operating mechanism, installation and…...
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Motorized Lock for Rolling Shutters: Sipar’s system for safety

The motorized rolling shutter lock is an essential component when you want to ensure the safety of homes and businesses, especially on the lower floors. Here's how they work and ho...
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