Sipar and the R+T Exhibition in Stuttgart

After 4 years of waiting and the postponement due to Covid-19, the largest event in the shutters, rolling shutters and doors field returns to Stuttgart.

Cutting-edge technology and innovative design will meet where the future is already taking shape: at the R+T 2024 fair in Stuttgart,  SIPAR is proud to be part of this revolution.

This will be our collocation in the exhibition: HALL 9, STAND 9A16.

In the constantly evolving world of sun protection technologies and aluminum window and door systems , participation in trade fairs represents an unmissable opportunity for companies wishing to stay at the cutting edge.

SIPAR’s presence at this global event highlights not only the company’s commitment to innovation and quality, but also its desire to be at the center of the latest trends and technologies that are shaping the future of the industry. The R+T fair is a huge window to discover new products , create strategic partnerships and exchange ideas with leading professionals and companies at an international level.


Why SIPAR will participate in R+T: the largest innovative event in the window and door sector

SIPAR’s decision to participate in R+T 2024 reflects the company’s strategic vision to consolidate itself as an Italian leader in the sector windows and doors and position itself as a point of reference also abroad. The fair is known for being a catalyst for innovation, where new products and technologies are launched and future trends are outlined. For SIPAR, this represents an opportunity to:

  • Exhibit the latest innovations : We have the opportunity to present its latest developments, products and technological solutions to an international audience, highlighting its leadership in innovation and design.
  • Expand professional networking : participation in events of this caliber allows you to meet potential customers, partners and suppliers, thus expanding your professional network and opening up new business opportunities.
  • Knowledge exchange : Participating in workshops, conferences and meetings during the fair will allow us to acquire new knowledge, stay updated on market trends and new regulations, thus contributing to the growth and strategic development of our company.
  • Strengthen the brand : the visibility obtained by participating in an event of this magnitude strengthens SIPAR’s brand image, consolidating its reputation as an absolute innovator in the sector in Italy.


The importance of innovation and sustainability

Given the attention that will be paid to the theme of sustainability and the green future , participation in R+T 2024 is part of SIPAR’s strategy of promoting sustainable innovation . As part of our mission to promote a greener future, we at SIPAR are committed to developing solutions that reduce environmental impact, while improving the energy efficiency of buildings . The R+T fair is the ideal stage for us to highlight these efforts, allowing us to share our sustainability initiatives with a global audience.

This event not only offers an exceptional showcase to present the latest innovations, but also represents an opportunity to learn, share and collaborate with industry leaders from around the world, for a future oriented towards energy saving and greater care of environment .

The commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability are the principles that guide us on our path, and our presence at R+T 2024 is confirmation of this. Participation in this fair is not only a proof to SIPAR’s resourcefulness, but also an opportunity to continue to grow, innovate and inspire the sector towards a more sustainable and technologically advanced future.

News presented during the exhibition:

  • Autolock, the motorized lock for shutters, to which SIPAR has recently added an innovative safety sensor.
  • Rolllight, the curved profile in insulated aluminum for design shutters thanks to its elegant holes and high thermal-acoustic performance.
  • The new glazing sliding system for balconieswhich combines the classic glass window with the elegance of the glass parapet.
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