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Jalousie: windows with adjustable slats

We offer our customers the complete Jalousie system , with international patent , for adjustable slat windows , together with all the accessories necessary for the realization of the finished product such as gaskets, levers, squares and handles.

  • Manual opening
  • Motorized opening

Due to its design, the system can be installed with only eight aluminum profiles

With a range of easy-to-fit profiles, it is possible to make a complete Jalousie window , enhancing the lighting and security of any room.

A patented system that improves the livability of spaces

Jalousie system is a clever hybrid between windows and blinds. Their louvred window mechanism offers the possibility to effectively manage the passage of light and air flows between the interior and exterior of each building.

The parallel glasses of this type of window open like the typical slats of Venetian blinds, however offering a decidedly more solid and resistant extruded aluminum structure . When they are in the open position, they favor the ventilation of the rooms and contribute to effective air conditioning , even without the aid of cooling systems. Furthermore, its charming aesthetic makes them a design component capable of embellishing even the most modern settings.

Absolute novelty

Patented system for the motorization of the Jalousie

Sipar technological research has led to the design of a motorization system for adjustable slat windows. Thanks to a motorized electromechanical device it is possible to manage the opening and closing of the Jalousie , counting on a rapid installation and a fixing system similar to that of the handle operation.

It is now possible to control the entry of light and air into your rooms with minimal effort and relying on the construction quality of Sipar. Each component is the result of the Made in Italy artisan experience and designed to last.

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