Isolation, security, durability

Made-to-measure insulated built-in boxes for rolling shutters

MISURA is a prefabricated insulated box , which can be completely customized to your needs. Universal and compatible with all types of window and door, it reduces noise and guarantees excellent thermal insulation, improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Energy saving and cost reduction
  • Ease of assembly and installation

MISURA is compatible with any type of window (wood, PVC or aluminium)

Designed to be used with rolling shutters, sunscreens and technical blinds, the
insulated boxes is supplied with all the essential accessories for assembly and can also be assembled directly on site without difficulty.

Certified raw materials

Designed and produced with Made in Italy quality

The use of selected materials , such as water-repellent XPS, makes the insulation of the MISURA box particularly efficient. In fact, it guarantees high energy savings and eliminates thermal bridges , reducing the formation of condensation, humidity, mold and rust.

Furthermore, the use of Fermacell ( gypsum fiber ) improves noise reduction, helping to maximize living comfort.

  • High structural strength
  • Easy inspection and maintenance

Sipar solutions

Perfect compatibility

Our proposals are designed to be compatible with each other and facilitate their design and installation. The MISURA boxes can be integrated with our lines of sunscreens, technical blinds and rolling shutters, standardizing the functional performance and aesthetic appearance of your environments.

Rolling Shutters

In aluminum or steel, they are designed to optimize safety, thermal and acoustic insulation and the lighting of spaces.


They allow you to make the most of daylight and internal ventilation of the rooms, through functional slat adjustment systems.

Technical blinds

Modern and design, technical blinds allow you to modulate the entry of light and create the right privacy, in an elegant and smart way.

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