2019 great results, 2020 fully satisfactory

2019 has been a key year for SIPAR. There has been big business goals achieved and new challenges for the future. During this year SIPAR has explored, designed and achieved a product range for rolling shutters really innovative. In particular we are referring to Autolock, the new motorized lock, unique on the market, which is a motorized system directly “speaking” with the rolling shutter’s motor by closing and opening automatically the latches placed inside the bottom bar.

One of the main features of Autolock, which makes this system high-performing, is securing also rolling shutters partially open by ensuring both a high technological and safety device.

From a technical point of view, the rolling shutter can’t be lifted from the bottom as the end slat touches the doorstep either the shutter is completely closed or partially open.

Autolock, patent pending, is fully new in the national and international landscape for making rolling shutters safe.

Other Sipar’s products


Another important award for SIPAR during 2019, it is the introduction of 2 new profiles on the market which come from customer’s request  , that is they have been designed particularly to meet customers’ requirements.

For Northern American market, our company has faced the needs of its client to supply a safety and anti-house breaking profile with a high wind pressure resistance. For European market, Sipar has designed a smart minimal profile in order to answer to the esthetical requirements of an architects’ office.


New year, new challenges

Sipar is looking out at the new year with a very positive spirit. An year made of news, motivation and impulse to improve more and more also thanks to its  loyal customers.

We are always looking forward to meeting you in via Saletti 5, in Pian Camuno (BS). For any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us at 0364.598993 or write to info@siparonline.com


Have a nice and successful year to you all.

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