Aluminum railings for balconies: things to know when choosing

Are your balcony railings no longer safe, no longer up to standard or simply no longer meet your aesthetic tastes?

Let’s find the right solution that meets safety standards and your design and durability needs.

From this perspective, only aluminum railings emerge as the perfect solution: a concentrate of safety, durability and minimal aesthetics .

Let’s see all the advantages, costs, why choose them and which ones to choose.


Aluminum or steel balcony railings? 3 unique advantages of aluminum

Let’s go straight to the dilemma of aluminum or steel railings and see why it is much more functional to choose the first option.

Let’s start by saying that aluminum is the material par excellence against corrosion ; this would be enough to close the argument here, since we are talking about balcony railings, where the material will therefore be perpetually exposed to atmospheric agents and any other external agent.

But let’s discover the 3 main advantages of choosing aluminum both for the profiles and for the handrail and parapet.


Solidity and resistance over time

Aluminum has properties of solidity and durability that few materials can match. Thanks to their composition, aluminum railings guarantee high resistance against external elements , from salt to humidity, preventing the degradation that often afflicts more traditional materials such as iron or steel.

With minimal maintenance , aluminum railings maintain their original appearance for years, without the need for repeated painting or anti-rust treatments. This long life ensures not only a cost-effective investment but also a reliable product that protects environments and people.


Anodized aluminum and painted aluminum balcony railings

Aluminum, which is already resistant in itself, becomes even more robust when subjected to anodization : a chemical treatment that covers it with an oxide patina. This layer not only strengthens the structure of the aluminum making it more resistant to scratches and abrasions, but also acts as a natural insulator against damage caused by oxidation and continuous exposure to atmospheric agents.


Cost of aluminum railings for balconies: are you sure aluminum costs more?

It is known that aluminum has a decidedly higher starting cost than iron and steel, but be careful, because an immediate saving does not necessarily mean a saving that will last over time; in fact, usually exactly the opposite happens.

While the initial investment for aluminum railings may be higher than steel or wood or iron railings, the long-term maintenance costs make aluminum a more cost-effective solution.

This does not require periodic treatments such as painting or anti-rust treatment, which are necessary for iron or steel railings; just as it does not require regular painting like wood (among other things, it is degradable in record time).

Aluminum offers the highest resistance to weathering and greater durability without deterioration.

The lightweight nature of aluminum also reduces labor costs and facilitates quicker installation; and finally the overall replacement cost is lower , thanks to the long life of aluminum which reduces the necessary renewal frequency.

Are you still so sure that you would save money with other materials?


SIPAR custom-made aluminum railings

Now you know all the characteristics of aluminum railings for balconies, but the truly perfect solution is always the one that satisfies your desires 100%.

This is why we at SIPAR have created the SIPAR 3000 line : developed with the aim of offering maximum versatility and customisation. This series includes a wide variety of profiles , ranging from slats in different shapes and sizes , through to rounded, rectangular or oval handrails , as well as rebate and glass profiles .

Only this diversity allows you to assemble any type of railing, ensuring perfect integration with the architecture of the building.

SIPAR places particular emphasis on customization: our production departments are equipped to create tailor-made profiles that meet the exact needs of each customer. This means that each assembly can be unique, enriched with decorative elements and functional details that give a distinctive and personal style to each installation.

In addition, the SIPAR 3000 range offers a wide choice of accessories , including decorative profiles and ornamental caps , which not only enhance the aesthetics of the railings but also improve their functionality and safety.

Each component is designed to facilitate installation and guarantee durability over time, making SIPAR railings the ideal choice for those looking for a tailor-made solution that combines safety, certified quality ( ISO Certification ), design and durability.

Are you a private individual or an installer and are you renovating your balcony railings? Contact us to learn about all our solutions and understand how we can create the perfect solution together.

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