AUTOLOCK, the innovative automatic lock for rolling shutters in terms of safety

The new motorized lock for rolling shutter with smart automatic closure is installed inside the end slat and it improves the safety of any living space.  Its name is AUTOLOCK and it is one of the new SIPAR branded proposals.  AUTOLOCK, patent pending, is fully new in the national and international landscape for making rolling shutters safe.

How does this particular closing system work?

Autolock can be installed on most common kinds of rolling shutters thanks to its special bottom bar in extruded aluminium.   After the shutter reaches its end of stroke, two latches come out automatically in order to reach the escutcheons inside the guides. The simple circuit ,which connects the motor of the rolling shutter to the lock and the electronic board which handles both elements, ensures the reliability of the system.

Clean installation and no protrusions

Once installed, AUTOLOCK has no protrusions. Esthetically clean: all electronic and mechanical components are completely hidden inside the end slat and in the lateral guides.  Furthermore the connection between electronic board and lock by means of contacts placed on the lateral plugs of the end slat and on the lateral escutcheons.

Emergency manual opening is included inside the lock and the mechanics of latches movements till the end of stroke is very silent.  Thanks to its led signal system, AUTOLOCK highlights the working status of the device.

Moreover the lifting of the rolling shutter from the bottom is not allowed until the end slat touches the doorstep either the shutter is completely closed or partially open.


Exclusive system on the international scene.

AUTOLOCK  places itself on the international scene as a perfect mix of innovation, efficiency and safety. AUTOLOCK is a forefront closing system which makes shutters and living spaces safer and it is meant for everyday wellness.



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