Choose the innovative shutters Sipar Light Evolution to manage natural light in your spaces.

It is difficult to explain to customers the importance of installing a correct rolling shutter . Design, functionality and energy –saving are not always sufficient for clients.  However, a good strategy could be making them identify with the most comfortable situation.


Here are our suggestions:

How and why choosing natural light?


Imagine that you are lying in your living room in summer afternoon after a hard working day.

It’s time for you to take some relaxing moments and enjoy your quiet spaces and the sunlight coming from outside. It’s nice to enjoy last rays of sunshine till late in the evening when days are getting longer.

Then imagine also having a system of rolling shutters which can modulate light and adjust light level inside your living room.

You decide the light you wish. In any moment of your day. Is it a dream, isn’t it? Now your dreams come true thanks to the new range of rolling shutters Sipar Light Evolution.

Our company has developed this innovative range of aluminium rolling shutters which are conceived in this way: between each bar there is a free space that you can vary ((5/10/15/20mm) so that you can manage the natural light coming from outside .

They look like venetian blinds but they are rolling shutters!


The advantages of Sipar Light Evolution.


The new system Sipar Light Evolution can manage the level of light coming from outside into the office or in your customers’ house in order to have more or less brightened living spaces  during the day.

Moreover, this system can also:


  • Reduce energy consumption (this system has been especially designed for making maximum use of natural light);
  • Shield heat coming from outside
  • Care for privacy inside the house. In fact the rolling shutter is open enough to let the sunlight come in but not affecting total privacy of people living there.


Functional and innovative design

When you deal with light managing, you necessarily deal also with darkness.

The bars which the rolling shutters Sipar Light Evolution consist of, guarantee a total blackout inside your house because of perfect alignment of bars during shutter closing.

However, if you prefer to keep them partially closed, you get the modulation of incoming natural light.

Not only functional to the exigencies of any residential or commercial space but also highly appreciated for the innovative design of their finishing which cannot be compared with common rolling shutters.
Forget old rolling shutters which are not well fitting with the front  of the house.

With Sipar Light Evolution you will get an elegant shutter to propose to your customers.



GREEN Economy

SIPAR is always more and more active in GREEN economy domain in order to safeguard environment.

Designing this type of rolling shutters which can manage and make maximum use of natural light instead of artificial one, it is another step forward in this direction.

Furthermore energy saving is also ensured by possible connection between the electronic system of rolling shutters and domotics systems if installed in customers’ house.

In this way, rolling shutters can be easily handle with remote control by means of a simple app on the mobile phone.


Moreover with the new system AUTOLOCK combined with Siparlight evolution system you can have all these advantages together in one system, that is light, air, privacy and safety

Do you need additional information about  Sipar Light Evolution to manage natural light coming from outside? Download here the technical leaflet of these products and contact our technicians to evaluate shutters’ supply.

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