Curved profile in insulated aluminium: ROLLIGHT rolling shutters

ROLLIGHT is the new rolling shutter with curved profile in insulated , resistant, innovative and design aluminum. But why choose this product rather than a standard shutter? Let’s see features and benefits.

Why a curved profile in insulated aluminium

Aluminum is among the most resistant materials ever for the construction of windows and shutters. Its only disadvantage is the higher thermal conductivity which makes it less insulating.

In SIPAR we have circumvented and solved this criticality with insulation .

But before analyzing the product, let’s take a step back: why choose aluminum shutters? The answer is: because they are the most resistant to the wear and tear of time and to extreme climatic events – increasingly frequent.

Insulated aluminum allows us to combine the eternal resistance of aluminum – important for example in the event of hailstorms – with the insulating power of PVC.

Having a product like ROLLIGHT in your catalogue, or at home, ensures unparalleled durability and many advantages in terms of thermal insulation.

ROLLIGHT is available in two versions:

  • with aluminum with a standard thickness of 0.3mm
  • with super strong 0.5mm thick aluminum

The insulation of the profile consists of a layer inside the aluminum walls made of polyurethane . Also for the insulating capacity we have two choices:

  • with standard density polyurethane of 65kg/m³
  • high density with 300 kg/m³

But the advantage of this curved profile in insulated aluminum is not limited to resistance and insulation: even the aesthetics are treated in detail.

The ROLLIGHT design roller shutter

At SIPAR we have always been convinced that functionality and aesthetics can coexist. ROLLIGHT proves it. Its exterior painting is available in 13 different colors in shades of grey, white, black and brown. Also for the painting in the catalog you will find two choices:

  • standard hard paint
  • super hard paint finish for even more strength

Both types use paints with UV filter for anti-fading protection as per QUALICOAT and QUALITAL prerogatives – two certifications of excellence in the field of painting.

In terms of design, ROLLIGHT curved profile rolling shutters in insulated aluminum are available in two types:

  • striped standards
  • smooth by design

However, the functional characteristics remain the same.

All the advantages of ROLLIGHT for a comfortable home

In terms of structure and design, ROLLIGHT rolling shutters offer various advantages over traditional products.

  • They guarantee excellent sound insulation – especially in the high-density version
  • They offer uniform lighting of the rooms, guaranteeing respect for privacy
  • They allow for good air circulation, preventing the formation of mold and humidity

Furthermore, thanks to the insulation of the aluminium, this will not form the classic thermal bridge condensation that we often see on aluminum window frames. The roller shutter will always remain perfectly dry from the inside.

How to order our curved profile roller shutters in insulated aluminum

ROLLIGHT roller shutters are made- to-measure products , made according to the specific requests of the customer. To order them, you can contact us by telling us about your needs or those of your customers, if you are resellers, and ask for a personalized quote.

The quality of SIPAR profiles

Since 1996 in SIPAR we have been producing and marketing rolling shutters , aluminum profiles and accessories. Over the years, we have added the production of Jalousie to this central activity with adjustable slats, aluminum systems and accessories for balconies.

In 2019 we finally launched ours on the market automatic safety closure for rolling shutters with patented mechanism.

Since 2022, we have joined the production plant in Pian Camuno (Brescia) alongside the one in Israel, founding SIPAR Israel . The Israeli plant, in a district with a high technological and innovative network, is precisely the one that produces ROLLIGHT – in addition to a whole series of lines aimed at the foreign market.

Do you want to know more about ROLLIGHT curved profile rolling shutters in insulated aluminum? Contact us!

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