Design Rolling shutters: 4 tips to give the best advice to your customers

Design rolling shutters are very versatile window protectors able to adapt to any type of home and building, giving  a touch of elegance and creativity if chosen in the most appropriate way.

They provide an attractive appearance , they  improve the security of a building and increase its privacy. There are several aspects, however, that you should consider when choosing the most suitable products to offer to your customers

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4 tips for choosing Design Rolling Shutters

The first element to be considered when choosing design rolling shutters is the raw materials.

They can be produced in different materials, in particular aluminium and steel.

Which one to prefer depends on the needs and the environment in which the shutters will be installed. For example, aluminium is more elegant and lighter, while steel is safer, but at the same time heavier. Furthermore, both types can be insulated in order to increase the insulating power both from a thermal and acoustic point of view.

Design roller shutters are extremely versatile and can be made in different types and shapes depending on the characteristics of the house or company in which they will be placed, their use, the climate, the region and the personal preferences of your customer. It is possible to use any style or a combination of styles to get a perfect design that knows how to combine aesthetics, safety and quality.

Another aspect that plays a fundamental role in the choice of rolling shutters is the budget as different materials involve decidedly different costs. Depending on the budget available to your client, you can opt for a cheaper design with less expensive materials or a unique design with the use of the best materials.

Finally, make sure that the design you propose integrates perfectly with the rest of the environment of the house or company premises.

Also take into account the geographical area in which the building is located: the shutters can protect against potential intruders, as well as adverse weather conditions, including wind, rain and heavy snow.

Trust Sipar for Design Rolling Shutters

A creare negli spazi Mulberry un’esperienza immersiva sarà la Sipar is a company based in the Brescia area that has specialized over the years in the field of windows and shutters produced entirely in Italy. It has become a point of reference in the market and has already been chosen by several companies and professionals who have always been extremely satisfied with the work done.

Our team of experts has a long experience behind it in the production and construction of design shutters entirely focused on the particular needs of the end customer.

Do you want to know more about our design rolling shutters? Take a look at the online catalog and contact one of our professional experts for personalized advice.

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