Design Shutters, rely on Sipar experts

Rolling shutters have been used for windows protection for many years. At first, they were mainly made in wood, then, over time, they have been produced with more durable materials, such as plastic, aluminum and steel. Thanks to design develpment, in the last years windows and rolling shutters have also become integral part of home decor and different new models have been created in order to meet all needs.

Would you like an advice on choosing the best design rolling shutter? Check our catalogue and, if you need further information, do not hesitate to request a specialized consultancy with our technicians, experts in the field.

Design and efficiency

In the last decade, the world of rolling shutters has suffered a huge change in which design and efficiency have become the main points of the work of Italian designers and manufacturers, in order to respond to the changing demands of the construction market. A need for increasingly innovative products that can combine smart shading, safety and aesthetics in a single product occurred.

The home renovation process often starts from little things, as we believe details make the difference. With our innovative design rolling shutters, created to meet all your needs, you can enjoy a new, modern and captivating aesthetic to satisfy your clients’ desire for style and modernity.

For many years, rolling shutters have been used only for windows protection: at first, they were mainly made in wood, but over time they have been produced with more durable materials, such as PVC, aluminum and steel.

The new custom-made design rolling shutters are a unique and innovative product, able to guarantee a smart shading, more safety and to improve remarkably the building aesthetic.

With the use of modern shutters, you will also improve the thermal efficiency of the spaces, because these innovative products, thanks to foamed profiles, ensure high thermal insulation, both in summer, blocking the heat from the outside, and during the cold season, preventing heat from dispersing.

Design Shutters, rely on Sipar experts

In our catalogue you will find different types of modern design rolling shutters, there are plenty of them, for any need and request. We want to fully satisfy your every need and always guarantee you the best in terms of safety.

The last generation Sipar rolling shutters are custom-made using exclusively guaranteed and certified Italian materials, in order to always provide our clients with the highest quality and convenience.

Our range of rolling shutters offers a huge choice: we can provide aluminum rolling shutters, great for their resistance, and PVC rolling shutters, among the most requested for their efficiency and practicality. We also have security shutters, the best in terms of security, including one of our latest innovations, the specific automatic closing for roller shutters, called Autolock.

Sipar is one of the most successful companies on the market as regards the production of design roller shutters. Several clients have already recognized our quality and excellence. For a specialized advice with our technicians, do not hesitate to contact us, and request our catalogue in order to experience all our modern design solutions.

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