Ecobonus: take advantage of it with Sipar roller shutters

The Ecobonus is the government provision thanks to which it is possible to access, until 31 December 2021, a tax deduction equal to 110% which is recognized following energy saving and anti-seismic adaptation works carried out both on single buildings and in condominiums.

Some of the main types of interventions that can be carried out on homes and buildings are those concerning thermal insulation and on this Sipar can offer you an important contribution. Our advice is to install new shutters that allow for excellent thermal insulation without actual costs thanks to the Ecobonus. Let’s try to better understand what the 110% Ecobonus consists of and how it can be obtained by installing valid products such as our insulated shutters and the “Misura” monobloc.

What is the Ecobonus?

The text of the Relaunch Decree shows the complete list of works for which it will be possible to access the deductions provided for by the Sismabonus and the Ecobonus of 110%: 

• thermal insulation works for buildings, 

• replacement work of the old air conditioning systems in the condominium, 

• interventions on individual buildings and villas for the replacement of winter air conditioning systems with systems for heating, cooling or heat pump hot water supply, for a maximum cost of € 30,000 per single property unit 

The objective of this initiative is to allow taxpayers to renovate their homes almost free of charge, an aim pursued through a double mechanism: the discount on the invoice and the transfer of credit to banks or insurance companies, according to the operational rules defined by the provision of the Agenzia delle Entrate of 8 August 2020.

However, we emphasize that in order to obtain incentives for energy efficiency it is necessary that the products used in the insulation comply with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM-Italian requirements).


The insulated shutters and the Misura monoblock

As for roller shutters, Sipar has always paid great attention to the thermal and acoustic insulation coefficient of its creations. If on the one hand sound insulation is one of the essential elements for obtaining high living comfort, on the other hand, thermal insulation allows for real economic savings on costs related to winter heating and summer air conditioning. 

Our insulated shutters consist of painted aluminum slats with polyurethane foam inside which makes them thermally insulated.

Another product that can be combined with these shutters is the Misura box, which constitutes a further element that allows to achieve a high level of thermal insulation. In fact, for the realization of the Misura insulated boxes, X-FOAM® product sheets are used which meet the Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM) and are therefore in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14021: 2016 and with the Ministerial Decree of 11 October 2017.

Misura is a prefabricated monobloc, made according to specific requests, whose insulation definitively eliminates the thermal bridges that inevitably are created near the window frame, guaranteeing considerable energy savings. The installation of this type of rolling shutter, together with the Misura box, is the ideal choice for those who intend to take advantage of the Ecobonus by carrying out thermal insulation work.

If you need further information to take advantage of the Ecobonus and evaluate this type of intervention, contact us at 0364.59.89.93 or write us an email at, we will find the best solution for your needs.

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