Electric motorized shutter: advantages and consumption

Why choose the electric motorized shutter instead of the traditional one? If you are renovating your home or considering replacing your roller shutters, this question will certainly have crossed your mind.

The reality is that electric motorized shutters are now an inevitable product for safety and comfort , in all newly built homes and in renovations.

As a roller shutter manufacturer for over 25 years, we can assure you that the advantages of the electric motor are many. And the most affordable costs of the past!

Are you thinking about electricity consumption ? We’ll talk about it. We can tell you, however, that you don’t have to worry: the roller shutter motor consumes (much) less than a blender.

Are your old shutters not yet to be replaced? You should know that there are complete kits to transform even traditional products with a strap into modern electric roller shutters.

Let’s see all the advantages that the electric choice can bring to your home.

Electric shutter motor: comfort and safety from Smart Home

The first advantage of the electric roller shutter motor is convenience . Electric shutters can be opened and closed remotely with a button on the edge of the window, with a remote control or from the smartphone – when connected to Smart Home systems.

Smart home automation systems then allow you to:

  • activate a centralized opening and closing – managing all the shutters of the house in a single gesture;
  • schedule closing and lifting (and to what extent) – on specific days and times.

Modern electric shutters are also equipped with obstacle recognition sensors, burglar -proof sensors and integrated alarms to ensure total protection for your home and the people you love.

However, the connection to Smart Home systems is not the only advantage.

Electric vs traditional shutters: all the advantages

Accessibility is added to the ability to open the shutters with a single gesture . Electric roller shutters are perfect for older people or anyone who has any difficulty lifting weights. But they are also very safe (and comfortable) in families with small children .

The electric motor and its safety sensors make the rolling shutter:

  • safe thanks to the detection and blocking sensors in case of obstacles ;
  • not subject to the risky episodes of sudden breaking of the worn springs, very dangerous for children and pets.

Another advantage not to be underestimated is the lower noise level . The noise produced by SIPAR roller shutter motors, for example, is almost zero. A feature much appreciated by families and condominiums.

Let’s not forget that the motor “forces” the roller shutter to be used correctly – without sudden descents and climbs. This feature extends the life of stops and lifting systems and reduces the maintenance required.

How does the electric roller shutter motor work?

The heart of the electric roller shutter is the tubular motor. This, acting on the mechanical cylinder, allows the unrolling or winding of the profiles to be activated remotely. The only thing you need to be able to install this product is the connection to the electrical system of your home.

The connection is easy in case of new construction or renovation. On the other hand, some minor mural interventions may be necessary in the case of installing the motor on classic roller shutters. For this reason it is essential to rely on expert installers.

But how much do electric shutters consume?

How many watts does an electric roller shutter consume?

With the rising costs of electricity, it is fair to ask whether installing electric shutters is the long-term winning move. In reality, electricity consumption is very low. And they balance well with all the benefits this product brings to your home!

Our electric roller shutter motors (250V / 50Hz ) have a power of 155W which is about that of a television . Just think that a classic blender has an average power of 400W!
Consumption is therefore modest, while the benefits are many.

The motors for SIPAR electric shutters

Does installing electric shutters seem like a good idea to you? Trust in those who have been producing roller shutters for over 25 years!

In the SIPAR catalog you will find the motors for NIGHT & DAY automatic shutters available in three versions:

  • FMI – standard with push button;
  • RADIO – with remote control;
  • FMM – with emergency opening option in case of blackout.

Our RADIO engine is the most advanced and safest one thanks to the anti-obstacle sensor both uphill and downhill. These sensors ensure the necessary safety with children and pets in the house.

All our motors are guaranteed for 5 years and – as we said – their electrical consumption is very low.

You can associate SIPAR motors with our wide range of roller shutter profiles made in our factory in Pian Camuno (BS). Look at all the certifications that guarantee the quality of our products!

Electric shutters are still subject to the 50% renovation bonus. In the case of products with particular thermal insulation characteristics , they can also be included in the 110% bonus. However, before making your decision, we invite you to check with an expert the validity of the bonuses and the parameters to qualify for the benefit.

Do you want to bring the advantages of the motor and the electric shutter into your home? Ask us for information or contact us for a personalized quote!

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