External blinds: advantages and solutions

External blinds are sun shading systems which are normally placed in front of the building with the main function of controlling solar radiation reducing heat load inside the house. Sipar srl can supply you with different shapes of  outdoor blinds in order to satisfy all customers’ needs also from an  esthetical point of view.


What is their functions?

As previously mentioned, the main function of external blinds is surely protecting indoor environment from excessive sunlight. This aspect is fundamental especially if you live in very sunny areas; moreover these blinds allow light to pass through maintaining the same living comfort.

Using this kind of sun shading, you can limit temperature rising inside the living space and therefore you reduce the use of air conditioning systems and save energy consumption.


In Sipar Srl, you can find different solutions of outdoor blinds



External blinds models


Outdoor blind panel is made of aluminium slats which change its inclination in order to suit to climate variations in different time of the day or different sunlight.

There are different solutions as outdoor blinds which perfectly suit to any building.

These slats, which are  sliding inside aluminium guides, can be fix or adjustable and can be controlled manually or with motor.

These slats are available in different  shapes and sizes.


Packing-up blinds with lifting cords

In  Sipar Srl you can find also packing-up blinds with lifting cords for outdoor which are made of slats in aluminium alloy pre-painted with thickness 0.45 mm.

They are available with handle control or with motor and external box in zinc coated steel.

If you are interested in a different solution of outdoors blinds for your house, feel free to visit our website under the entry “Products” and you will see the wide range of products with which Sipar can supply you.


Sipar’s certificates


All Sipar’s products are certified according to all requirements imposed by European Union in terms of protection ad safety EN 13659:2004).

This is the main European rule for external blinds (“ External Blinds – Performance requirements including safety”). It defines all performance and safety requirements of different kinds of blinds like venetian blinds, rolling shutters, external curtains,  shutters and folding doors. This rule certifies in particular wind resistance  requirement, that is, how much the blind can resist to wind load by simulating wind action under positive or negative pressure.


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