External roller shutter boxes: why choose them

The external shutter boxes are the answer to all the questions ” But can’t we avoid the boxes at home?” of our customers. Many people don’t like the look of the roller shutter box in their home. There are those who define it unsightly, those who think it is a waste of space and those who simply would prefer not to have it.

In reality, with the new designs and the reduced dimensions of the current internal boxes, the problem of aesthetics is partially solved.

But if the internal shutter box just doesn’t convince you, there is an alternative solution: the external shutter box .
And, as we will see, it brings with it many advantages.

What is the external shutter box

These are not simple indoor box installed outside the home, but products designed to resist bad weather and blend in perfectly with the facade of the building .

The external shutter boxes are made of painted aluminum and are available in different colors and shapes – round or square. Their dimensions are usually the minimum necessary for the rolling shutter they contain.

The objective of the external box is to minimize the occupied spaces while maintaining the maximum duration performance. If you’re wondering ” Are we sure it won’t get damaged over time?” we can tell you that used materials – or at least those we use at SIPAR – are subjected to the same treatments as outdoor fixtures . So you won’t have to worry about your external boxes: your investment is safe and your benefits are guaranteed.   But what are these advantages?

Why choose external boxes? Aesthetics and design

The first reason our customers ask us to install external boxes is the aesthetics of the house . The external box is a solution for “hiding” the shutter box from your home… by moving it outside.
In fact, many believe that the internal shutter box is outdated and experience its installation as the arrival of an unwanted guest to whom it is impossible to say no.

Furthermore, it is true that the internal box often conditions the installation of the blinds and represents an additional surface to be cleaned.

If we add that the new external aluminum boxes can be customized in terms of shape and color and integrate as a design element into the facade of the building, then the choice of these products becomes natural. But the interior design is not the only advantage.

Rolling shutters without masonry works with external boxes

If you don’t want to see the shape of the internal boxes in your home every day, the only option is the built-in box . However, this implies important masonry works that can only be carried out in the event of extensive renovation or new construction.

The external shutter box is the alternative solution for removing internal boxes avoiding major masonry work . And often by cutting construction costs even in newly built homes!

Less noise and same functionality

By bringing the roller shutter and roller outside, you also bring a large part of the noise they cause when unrolling to the outside. An advantage that should not be underestimated in a condominium and in the case of a family with small or elderly children.

We remind you that with the external box you do not lose any functionality of your shutters, whether electric or classic.

  • You can install electric shutters with a button on the edge of the window, remote control or integration with Smart Home systems.
  • You can choose security systems and anti- burglary blocks such as our Total Block and AUTOLOCK .
  • You don’t have to do without any safety systems – such as obstacle recognition or alarm sensors.

With the external box, the unrolling noise is attenuated by the wall while durability and performance are guaranteed.

The SIPAR experience for your rolling shutters

In SIPAR we design , produce and distribute roller shutters since 1996 . Over the years we have extended the range of our products, but we have never changed our focus: profiles for rolling shutters and accessories.

It is precisely from this attention that AUTOLOCK was born , our patented safety locking system automatic for rolling shutters.

All our profiles for rolling shutters , electric motors and accessories – such as external boxes – are exclusively Made In Italy products made in our Pian Camuno factory in the province of Brescia.

Are you looking for a customized solution for your rolling shutters and your boxes? In our catalog you will find:

  • profiles of different shapes, sizes and colors , also with high insulating power ;
  • low-consumption electric motors , with safety and obstacle detection systems, also with Smart Home connection ;
  • guides, belts and accessories for rolling shutters;
  • classic and design indoor and outdoor boxes;
  • security systems for rolling shutters such as AUTOLOCK and TOTALBLOCK.

Ask us for information or a personalized quote: contact us now!

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