Insulated aluminum shutters: opinions and advantages

Are insulated aluminum shutters really the best? In recent years these products have become more and more widespread: but do they have real advantages for living comfort ?

At SIPAR we have been producing rolling shutters for over 20 years and one of the latest products that we have included in our catalog is precisely a model of made-to-measure insulated aluminum rolling shutters: ROLLIGHT . Let’s see why they are a great product and what benefits they ensure.

What are insulated aluminum shutters

The insulated aluminum shutters are made up of profiles with two main characteristics:

  • exterior of the extruded aluminum profile
  • inside in standard density or high density polyurethane

The two materials that make up the shutter combine their respective benefits to create a product with excellent durability and excellent thermal insulation.

Aluminum is in fact a material that is extremely resistant to wear and bad weather but, due to its thermal conductivity, it is not very insulating. This is why insulation is important !

The internal polyurethane layer makes these shutters perfectly insulating but with the weather resistance of aluminum – for example hail.

The insulated aluminum shutters are roller shutters and can be installed with a strap or with an electric motor , also with remote control or in connection with SmartHome systems .

But why choose them over a classic PVC shutter?

The advantages of insulated aluminum shutters

As we have anticipated, the insulation makes the insulation of these aluminum shutters equal or superior to that of PVC shutters. With all the benefits of increased strength and durability . With aluminum shutters there will never be any problems with hail damage, except with extreme weather events.

The installation of these shutters, if combined with that of an insulated box , completely eliminates the problem of thermal bridges and humidity in the internal part of the frame. With this, the risk of mold and condensation is also eliminated.

Let’s not forget that thermal insulation is not only valid in winter but also in summer. An insulated shutter guarantees a cool house in the summer and a warm house in the winter with considerable savings in energy for heating and air conditioning.

It is estimated that non-insulated windows cause heat loss of 25-30% with important consequences both on the comfort of the home (let’s think of drafts) and on the energy bill.

PVC shutters: why choose aluminium

Our customers often ask us why buy insulated aluminum shutters when they could buy PVC shutters and get similar thermal insulation.

At SIPAR we tend not to suggest shutters in PVC but in extruded aluminium, insulated aluminum and steel . The reason is the duration of the window over time: PVC wears out faster and could be damaged by strong winds and hailstorms.

Aluminum, on the other hand, ensures maximum quality, strength and durability.

ROLLIGHT the evolution of the rolling shutter

In response to the need for greater sustainability , energy saving and comfort , in SIPAR we have put ROLLIGHT , the new insulated aluminum shutter.

With ROLLIGHT, the typical advantages of this product category are joined by other specific benefits given by our design and construction method.

Our ROLLIGHT shutters are available with aluminum in standard thickness of 0.3 mm or super strong of 0.5 mm according to the required resistance requirements. The polyurethane for insulation is instead available in standard density of 65kg/m 3 or high density of 300kg/m 3 .

ROLLIGHT can be ordered in 13 colours , in nuances of grey, white, black and brown. All paintings are highly resistant and made according to the highest quality parameters .

The large holes guarantee excellent lighting and ventilation of the rooms even with the shutter down while guaranteeing maximum privacy . Lastly, the insulated aluminum profiles – especially if with high density polyurethane – ensure good internal-external acoustic insulation for greater comfort and privacy.

SIPAR for your aluminum shutters

At SIPAR we have been producing and marketing shutters , aluminum profiles and accessories since 1996 . From our production plant in Pian Camuno (Brescia) we have today expanded our sales network all over the world and, starting this year, opened another production site in Israel . It is precisely in the innovative Israeli district that ROLLIGHT , our insulated aluminum rolling shutter, is produced – and then distributed in Europe and the East .

Do you want to know more about ROLLIGHT rolling shutters? Contact us!

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