Insulated and extruded aluminium rolling shutters

Aluminium rolling shutters are a valid solution to protect windows of your home against bad weather but also against hot sun and  break-in attempts.

These screens show very good performances against bad weather and break-ins and act as best solar shades. They also have a very good price-quality ratio and attractive look. You can find different kinds of aluminium shutters on the market according to their different features and manufacturing techniques.


Aluminium rolling shutters’ features


Aluminium rolling shutters are a good alternative compared to the other solar screens especially if you want to reach a trustable result, as well as resistant and without deformations thanks to the natural features of aluminium raw material. This kind of shutters can screen your windows in an effective way and nice-look and can protect them against storm and hail.

Furthemore they can guarantee very good energy saving by protecting indoor living from temperature swings because they screen solar rays and keep constant temperature inside.


Aluminium rolling shutters, foamed or extruded: these are the differences


There are 2 main branches of aluminium rolling shutters on the market, in particular shutters with insulated slats which consists of slats made with pre-painted coils with polyurethane inside. These shutters can guarantee mainly thermal insulation. The other category is the one of shutters with extruded slats which have higher thickness and without insulation and are mainly chosen for safety reasons.


Aluminium insulated rolling shutters (with polyurethane) are the most common on the market. They consist of slats which are produced with aluminium pre-painted coils of different thickness (it varies from 0,25mm to 0,48 mm). The polyurethane is injected inside the slat.

There two kinds of injection: normal density (it is softer, around 65 kg/cubic meter) and high density (it is harder around 300 kg/ cubic meter).

High density rolling shutters are of more performing because the shutters can get less damaged and is more resistant against hail.

They are also very light ( shutter’s weight around 4kg/m2).


Rolling shutters in extruded aluminium (not injected) have a higher aluminium thickness and are heavier (an average of 10 kg/m2)

They are normally recommended for protecting against robbery and intrusions and owing to their weight they are always installed with tubular motors.



Sipar Srl can help you choosing your shutter


If you are looking for a solution for protecting your shutters against bad weather or hot temperatures or break-in attempts, Sipar srl can help you with your choice.

You can contact us at this number 0364.59.89.93 or send us an e-mail.

We will make an appointment to meet somebody of our sales team to evaluate the best solution for your needs!

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