Integrated box system “Misura” in construction field

Today we introduce the insulated integrated box system “Misura” marked Sipar. To summarize, it is a is an integrated box system built on measure. Thanks to its insulation, “Misura” avoids any thermal bridges which may arise next to the window and assures considerable energy saving. It’s important to underline that this system is suitable for any kind of window (wood, PVC, aluminum). Moreover “Misura” has been designed to be used with rolling shutters, (aluminum foamed or extruded), external blinds or technical blinds.

It is normally supplied fully equipped with all its accessories and it’s very easy to be assembled on building site and it is available with frontal or external inspection.

Technical features and advantages of the “Misura” integrated box system

  • Integrated box system built on measure both in height and width and lateral sides with changeable widths according to wall’s thickness.
  • Lateral sides with thickness XPS material of 100 mm + Respanel panel of 12 mm.
  • Lateral sides with plaster holder profile of 5 or 10 mm. Lateral sides are ready for plaster or levelling compounds.
  • Max dimensions recommended: Width 5.000 mm * Height 3.500 mm
  • Suitable for rolling shutters (aluminum foamed or extruded), external blinds or technical blinds.
  • Suitable for any kind of window (wood, PVC, aluminum). Sub-frame built according to the client’s need.
  • No aluminum profiles in order to avoid thermal bridges.
  • Predisposition for mosquito net set-up. It is possible to make cuts for the seat of the mosquito net both next to the window or near the shutter’s guide (we recommend to place it externally in order to improve the window’s insulation).
  • Front or external inspection (only in case of rolling shutter).
  • Equipped with a foamed fourth side (thickness 60 mm) in order to complete its thermal, sound water and air-tightness performances.
  • Optimal window fixing on all 4 sides.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Insulated component protecting the inner side of the sub-frame where the window is fixed on the wall (internal wood sub-frame)

For more information about this product marked Sipar, contact us at 0039-0364-598993 or email us at You can come and visit us in our production plant in Pian Camuno (Bs)-via Saletti, 5.

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