Make your rolling shutters a decorative elements of your surroundings, unique and original.

Thanks to its long-lasting experience and ongoing training, Sipar continues to evolve overtime in order to offer to its customers even more original and innovative products; among them, the most important are sunshade systems which are becoming design elements in harmony with the external façade of the building by enhancing the general esthetical aspect


Our trends

 The rolling shutters’ systems of Sipar stand out from others because of minimal and essential profiles which has a positive impact also on the size of the winding diameter of the shutter itself.

Minimal profiles of Sipar’s rolling shutters allows to take less space giving a “lighter” result without burdening the external façade and giving harmony to overall context of your house.

Another important trend is the use of long holes on the hook of the profiles or spaced profiles of the shutters which allow to carefully handle the natural light inside the house.

In this way you can benefit from maximum sunlight coming from outside during the day as you can adjust light incoming according to the time of the day.


Style and design… but never forgetting quality !

Apart from the esthetical component of its projects, Sipar particularly cares for sound and thermal insulation factor of its constructions.

If sound insulation is one of the key elements to get a real living comfort, thermal insulation turns internal environments safer and more comfortable and grants true saving of winter heating and air conditioning costs.

Style and design complete the picture of this product which is efficient and functional, unique and original.


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