Motorized jalousie: the internationally patented system

Known as louvered windows in some parts of the world, Jalousie windows are window frames quite similar to Venetian blinds. Furthermore, an international patent was recently introduced for their motorization.

Would you like more information on motorized Jalousie windows? Discover the product and contact us, you will receive specialized advice from one of our professional technical experts in the sector with whom you can discuss and get useful information.

What are Jalousie windows?

Jalousie windows take their name from the French word for “jealousy” or for “shielding something from view”. The slats or parallel panes of these windows open just like the slats of Venetian windows: when in the open position, they allow maximum ventilation. Unlike the Venetian blinds, however, the Jalousie has an extruded aluminum structure (frame profiles and blades) which is far more resistant than the Venetian blinds.

These windows were very popular in the 1940s, especially in places with hot climates, where free air flow was a great way to cool rooms during the summer season. However, the growing popularity of home air conditioning in the late 1960s soon made them obsolete and inefficient.

During the last years, however, these types of windows have returned to the fore thanks to an important technological innovation and are often used in modern homes with direct exposure to sunlight.

Sipar is proud to present a new product on the Jalousie system : THE MOTORIZATION. It is a motorized electromechanical device for controlled opening and closing of the Jalousie, whose installation is simple and quick. In addition, the fixing system is the same as that of the handle operation.

Pros of Motorized Jalousie

For some people who grew up in a mid-century home, Jalousie windows offer a nostalgic charm.

This type of window provides convenient ventilation. The air flow that is generated by opening this type of window is truly a panacea in many situations: if you have windows with shutters open at both ends of the house, they are able to create a fresh cross breeze.

Furthermore, by adding the motorization of the Jalousie, you will not have to make the slightest effort to open and close them.

Motorized Jalousie: rely on Sipar’s experts

For the supply of motorized Jalousie windows we always recommend contacting experts in the sector who know how to identify or create the product that best suits your needs.

Sipar is a company in the province of Brescia that has been operating within the window and door sector for over 25 years. It has a long experience behind it and our team of experts will be able to recommend the perfect motorized Jalousie window for your needs.

With only 8 aluminum profiles it is possible to create a complete Jalousie window, effective for safety and bright for your home or business!

Would you like to know more? Discover the product and contact us, our team of professional experts will provide you with specialized and personalized advice.

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