Motorized Lock for Rolling Shutters: Sipar’s system for safety

A motorized lock for rolling shutters is usually installed on the most easily accessible doors and windows, so almost certainly those that are on the ground floor and first two floors of a building.

These mechanisms can guarantee a high level of safety keeping homes and businesses safe.

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The motorized lock for rolling shutters: how does it work?

A motorized rolling shutter lock is generally suitable for almost all the most commonly used types of rolling shutters currently on the market. In fact, it is installed inside a special universal bottom bar made of extruded aluminum.

When the shutter has closed completely following the closing and down command, two bolts come out of the automatic lock system and engage automatically inside the respective escutcheons which are inside the guides.

The automatic closing system is made through a simple connection circuit between the electric motor of the shutter, the lock and the electronic card which has the task of synchronizing the various movements.

With this approach, the efficiency of the system and its reliability are fully ensured.

Trust the Sipar Autolock system for your  Motorized Shutters Lock

Sipar, thanks to its over twenty years of experience in the window and shutter sectors, has created Autolock, an innovative  system for the automatic closing of any type of rolling shutter.

This is the company’s best-selling product that has been fully appreciated by all customers who have decided to rely on us for the safety of their customers’ homes and businesses.

Autolock has the unique feature of having no protrusions once it has been installed. The entire automatic lock, in fact, remains completely covered and hidden inside the bottom bar and guides.

The connection with the electronic board for the correct functioning of the system is carried out by means of contacts which are positioned on the end caps of the mobile bar and on the respective escutcheons.

In addition, the innovative Sipar system is equipped with practical LED indicators that allow you to show the operating status of the lock.

Autolock is an absolute news within the national and international market for shutter safety devices. It is also protected by a patent certificate.

Sipar is a company based in the Brescia area which has established itself in the field of windows and shutters. Our technicians have a long experience behind them and will be able to advise you on the most suitable solution for your specific needs

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