Phase 2: Sipar starts again at full speed but in complete safety

Phase 2, with the new anti-Covid 19 measures set by the central government to allow production activities to re-start, has involved our company as well.

Sipar during these last weeks has reopened its branch at full speed but respecting all criteria about safety and health protection as required by the rules. Furthermore Sipar has provided itself with all needed devices to protect its employees and workers during working hours et arranged regular sanitizing operations in workplaces.

In this way Sipar ensures to all its workers and clients the maximum respect for measures implemented to avoid Covid and indirectly the health protection for everybody.


Trade fair calendar change for 2020: Sipar customers support and advice  stay active.

The activities of consulting, designing, production and delivery of Sipar’s products are fully operational. The company provides to its clients the full respect for orders and deliveries for goods needed.

Most of the exhibitions planned in 2020 (until further notice) which Sipar would have attended, have been cancelled or postponed for understandable reasons in order to safeguard everybody’s health.

This year Sipar staff won’t have the opportunity to meet personally its usual customers or tighten relations with new suppliers to whom showing its Sipar’s products. However (and this is the good news!) , Sipar sales department continues to ensure to its clients, as done during these last months, a service of prompt assistance by means of video-conference or meetings and by sharing on virtual platforms all information and materials needed by customers on the national and international market.


“Responsible” work

 Phase 2 has not to be underestimated and it is for sure a delicate time  for all companies and activities over the territory and everybody’s engagement is needed.

Sipar stays close to its clients by working responsible and respecting all rules concerning health safety. For the benefit of all!


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