Quality roller shutters: characteristics and how to choose them

What are the trends for windows and shutters in 2023 ? As manufacturers of roller shutters for over 25 years, we know how to intercept trends and trends well before they become fashionable. And we can assure you that in the coming years, design will increasingly be accompanied by sustainability and thermal and energy efficiency .

After all, at SIPAR we have always supported this: design and functionality can and must coexist.

Let’s see how they will do it in the new homes!

Space for natural light: design and energy saving

Design also means perfect integration between internal space and external space . This is what happens when the window is chosen with care and adapted to the particularities of the environments.

Among the new trends we have increasingly large window openings that require not only sliding glass doors – instead of classic casement windows – but also shutters – which increasingly replace the old shutters.

But let’s not talk about just any shutters! To adapt to minimal and modern design and the width of the new windows , the shutters must be made of aluminum .

All retailers are well aware that PVC shutters are not suitable for large spaces due to their deformability and resistance.

Trendy roller shutters must offer the guarantee of:

  • bright environments
  • privacy

To respond to these contrasting needs, as manufacturers of roller shutters we have studied a product with holes that are longer in length but not wider : ROLLIGHT .

ROLLIGHT guarantees excellent lighting of the rooms while guaranteeing privacy and thermal insulation.

But for the most demanding, who want even more light and freedom to modulate the brightness of the spaces , the classic shutters are replaced by more advanced products. Shutters with adjustable slats and shading systems are among them.

Functional and efficient shading systems

If the right amount of light illuminates the rooms and allows for considerable savings in electricity, too much light undermines the comfort of the home and jeopardizes the good preservation of furniture and furnishing fabrics. But that’s not all: the summer sun’s rays, which are increasingly hotter and more aggressive, rapidly increase the temperature in homes . Classic curtains are no longer enough!

Advanced shading systems are needed to keep the home comfortable and reduce energy costs for air conditioning . In SIPAR we have created a product that combines the convenience of roller shutters with the functionality and versatility of adjustable Venetian blinds: SIPAR Light Evolution , the first aluminum roller shutter with adjustable slats mechanically or electronically .

Light Evolution allows our customers to freely choose the orientation of the slats. Closed in total darkness, open in full light or in all positions in between according to the need for lighting, privacy or heating of the room.

With all the guarantee of a durable material like aluminum!

Materials with high thermal efficiency and resistance

Another trend, which doesn’t concern design, is the very high attention to materials . With energy costs and the issue of environmental sustainability, customers are increasingly attentive to what they bring home.

The most chosen materials? Those that combine resistance to extreme atmospheric events – increasingly frequent, let’s think of hail – with high thermal and acoustic efficiency .

For this reason, insulated aluminum is the material that is most in demand for us as manufacturers of rolling shutters. And that’s also what we offer in our new products!

Technology and SmartHome : connected design

A final trend, which we have been noticing for years now from our dealers, is the ever-increasing demand for electric shutters that can be controlled with home automation systems.

After all, why install cord roller shutters in a new home or during a renovation?

The convenience of being able to connect all the roller shutters to a SmartHome system is an element that fewer and fewer customers are giving up.

This is why our latest products, ROLLIGHT and Light Evolution are both designed and configured to be Smart and electrified.

A trendy catalog with SIPAR: manufacturers of roller shutters for 25 years

At SIPAR, we not only market roller shutters , but we have been manufacturers for over 25 years. Our company was founded in 1996 in the province of Brescia, in Pian Camuno. Starting from the production of shutters, aluminum profiles and accessories, we have over the years expanded our product range to Jalousie , sunscreens and accessories for balconies.

AUTOLOCK automatic safety lock for rolling shutters .

This year, we opened SIPAR Israel , our new overseas manufacturing branch to serve the American and Eastern markets even better.

Do you want to know more about our products or include them in your catalogue? Contact us!

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