Safety shutters: why choose them and advantages

Why choose security shutters for your home? Perhaps the question to ask should be the opposite: why not choose? There is no good reason not to opt for maximum security when it comes to your home.

Unfortunately, apartment thefts are still a problem far from being defeated.

And we know how much a home theft can endanger not only our personal effects but our safety and that of the people we love.

Security shutters are an excellent solution for those looking for the perfect mix of calm, functionality and aesthetics.

At SIPAR, we are closely aware of the problem of home security, which is why we have patented our AUTOLOCK safety closure for rolling shutters. We will talk about it shortly.

Meanwhile, we would like to answer one of the questions our customers ask us most often: isn’t it better to install railings?

Are railings better than security shutters?

The answer is absolutely no. One of the most common objections to the installation of safety shutters is that in any case, being shutters … they open. While the railings remain firmly fixed to protect the windows.

In reality this view is not at all correct. The railings, as formed by an iron grate, have a whole series of weak points – starting with the grate itself.

The bad guys know perfectly well how to force and deform the metal bars that make up the grate in order to open a space. Also, if the railings are not periodically maintained, rust could develop. Especially in places very exposed to corrosive atmospheric agents, such as salt, sand and smog, rust could be a real enemy of your railings.

Rust, in fact, weakens the structure of the metal and becomes a potential weak point in the safety of your home.

In addition to the safety aspect, which we first dealt with because it is fundamental, there is also the question of aesthetics and comfort. Although there are now solutions on the market that strive to be innovative and aesthetically pleasing, railings are not a piece of design.

Nor are they that comfortable for the people who inhabit the house. But we will tell you more: in some extreme cases they can be even dangerous.

What if a fire breaks out? The windows of the house would not be possible ways out.

That’s why security shutters are the best solution for your home.

  • They provide greater protection against intrusions.

How much do security shutters cost?

The factors that define the total cost of a roller shutter are many. This is why it is impossible to answer this question precisely. However, we invite you to reflect on the fact that with safety shutters you will have to buy only one product (the shutter) instead of two (the shutter and the railings).

Savings can only be guaranteed!

The advantages of safety shutters

Armored shutters are apparently simple shutters but with the safety of closures and anti-intrusion systems. Moreover, the armored shutters, due to their solid structure, are also excellent heat and acoustic insulators. We can sum up the advantages of security shutters in this list.

  • Provide greater protection against intrusions
  • They are more comfortable and functional for the inhabitants of the house
  • They have an elegant, customizable and modern aesthetic
  • They offer energy savings thanks to thermal insulation
  • They do not obstruct the view from the windows and do not cause any sense of suffocation
  • The cost of safety shutters is lower because double functionality is achieved with a single product

In SIPAR we have put an innovative and patented solution for the safety of your shutters: AUTOLOCK

Our security shutters with AUTOLOCK

AUTOLOCK is our automatic and patented safety lock for roller shutters that can be adapted to all the most common types of roller shutters on the market. The operating mechanism is simple but effective. It is an extruded aluminum terminal that is applied to the final part of the shutter.

By activating the closing command, at the end of the roller shutter descent, two bolts automatically come out from the two sides of the bar and engage in the pre-installed lateral guides. At this point the roller shutter cannot be unrolled and your home will be safe.

Our automatic system can also be managed via smartphone. Do you think AUTOLOCK is the right solution for your roller shutters or do you want more information? Contact us!

SIPAR security

SIPAR was born in 1996 in the province of Brescia, in Pian Camuno. From the very beginning, the focus of our business has been the production and marketing of roller shutters, aluminum profiles and accessories.

Over the years we have added to this central core the production of Jalousie with adjustable slats, aluminum systems and accessories for balconies.

In 2019 we finally launched our innovative and patented automatic shutter safety lock.

Today we are an international company and we serve from the American to the Eastern market.

Do you want to know more about our products? Contact us and ask for a quote!

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