Security products for roller shutters against theft at home

When we talk about safety products for rolling shutters we mean a series of technical devices that, with different mechanisms, prevent the rolling shutter from being lifted from the outside.

Also known as anti-lifting devices, they are an indispensable item to have in the catalogue to offer a truly complete service to its customers.

According to the latest Censis report, over 9 million Italians are afraid of being alone in their home at night. Apartments in small and medium-sized cities are the most affected by home burglaries (7 out of 10). In 45% of cases, windows and balconies are the preferred entry point for thieves – after breaking in the main door.

It is evident how essential it is to protect the weak points of the house. This is where our TOTALBLOCK and AUTOLOCK shutter safety products come into play.

Let’s find out how they work.

The different mechanisms of operation of security products for rolling shutters

Shutters are extremely comfortable and resistant windows. The only weak point is their own winding characteristic; if not properly blocked, it is quite easy to lift them from the outside, with an important problem of protection from intrusions.

The safety devices for rolling shutters all have the same objective: to avoid lifting.  They can have two different operating mechanisms:

  • by acting on the octagonal roller, they prevent the rolling shutter from being rolled up;
  • by acting on the bottom bar with safety bolts on the wall, even the slightest lifting is impossible.

It is important to note that both of these types of devices do not create an additional footprint. Or rather, as we will see, AUTOLOCK , our flagship product, requires only 4 centimetres more space for installation. In the same way, they do not affect the aesthetics of the roller shutter by configuring them as discrete and functional products.

In SIPAR we have anti-lifting devices of both types in the catalogue : let’s analyse them.

Safe rolling shutters with TOTALBLOCK

TOTALBLOCK is our safety lock for rolling shutters produced with 100% Made in Italy components. This device has the objective of blocking the roller shutter, preventing it from rolling upwards.

The block consists of the following components.

  1. Screws for fixing the block to the octagonal roller
  2. Brass pivots for articulation
  3. Main elements in polyamide with fiber glass reinforced
  4. Hook aluminum profile
  5. Ring with adjustment and positioning system on the octagonal roller with reduced winding diameter

To this already solid device it is possible to add a rivet to strengthen the main elements.

The rings with adjustment system make it easy to fix the block to the octagonal roller. The space occupied on the rolling shutter is also reduced.

With TOTALBLOCK it will be impossible to force the lifting for a guaranteed safety.

Are you looking for a motorized device? AUTOLOCK is the answer.

The evolution of safety for rolling shutters: AUTOLOCK automated closing

AUTOLOCK  is our new motorized lock for rolling shutters with patented mechanism.

This special locking system can be adapted to all types of shutters through the use of the extruded aluminum bottom bar.

But let’s take a step back: what is AUTOLOCK and how does it work?

The AUTOLOCK  system consists of an extruded aluminum bar with electric operation to be applied in the end slat of the shutter. Once the closing input has been given, at the end of the shutter descent, two latches automatically come out from the sides to insert into the escutcheons  applied on the side guides.

The locking mechanism is fast and silent and guarantees maximum security against burglary.

In the event of an emergency, the roller shutter can be unlocked manually from the inside. AUTOLOCK is also equipped with a warning LED system for the status of the lock.

An innovative solution, unique on the international scene, which makes every home safer.

A home protected with our rolling shutter safety products

Our safety devices have the sole objective of making the homes of our end customers a place to feel truly safe. If you want to include SIPAR products in your catalogue and guarantee your customers all the quality of Made in Italy innovation, contact us.

We will be happy to provide you with the technical details and show you our production methods in the Pian Camuno plant.

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