Sipar aluminum sunshades: the quality of an international company

Sunshades are an excellent solution to problems arising from excessive exposure of the rooms to direct sunlight.

Their installation is always recommended where the need arises in some sides of the building that are particularly subject to direct and continuous light for several hours. Sipar deals with producing different types of sunshades with the aim of satisfying the functional and aesthetic needs of anyone.


The advantages of aluminum sunshades

The main function of the sunshades is to shield from the sun’s rays in order to limit their effects within the home without completely obscuring them. When raised, the aluminum slats  (a particularly stable material, long lasting and very resistant to high temperatures) wind , once lowered they act as a swiveling shield against light and heat, as well as prying eyes.

Especially if the property is located in particularly sunny areas and you don’t have other ways to create a little shade, the aluminum sunshades offer the most appropriate response to all the problems arising from excessive exposure. Thanks to the sunshades it is possible to limit, in addition to the brightness, the rise in temperatures inside the structure. In this way the living comfort is preserved without having to face higher costs deriving from a more intense use of air conditioning systems.

This advantage also leads to greater energy savings, an aspect that any cutting-edge company today cannot ignore. 

Energy saving is in fact a very important issue nowadays and, if on one hand it may seem that the reduction of the impact on the environment through the use of sunshades is minimal, let’s try to imagine if its use was widespread and if any house made an appropriate use of it. Even more evident will be the result of a similar use in a business or, better, industrial setting.

A well-known leading company in the production of automotive components, for example, has installed our sunshades to reduce the impact generated by light and heat within their production department, avoiding overheating of machinery and potential downtime imposed by excessive heat at certain times of the day. In these cases, the sunshades not only meet the need for improving working comfort, but also have a precise function within the production process.[vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”462,459,456″ img_size=”medium” slides_per_view=”3″ autoplay=”yes” hide_pagination_control=”yes”][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Sipar, a family business

Sipar was founded in 1996 in Pian Camuno, Brescia (Italy), from the commitment and dedication of the Taboni family. The firsts company’s goals were to start a production of quality roller shutters and accessories, increasing production capacity over time and the widespread distribution of marketing. Once these first goals were achieved, the company has aimed higher and higher, up to the present day.

Today Sipar aims to meet the needs of any type of customer by taking care of an aspect that is becoming increasingly predominant: personalization and aesthetics.

Thanks to new machinery and the most recent technologies, Sipar is able to guarantee profiles both in aluminum (insulated and extruded) and in steel, customized and made to measure, based on the specific requests of the customer. Modern and definitely innovative products, born from a strongly rooted territorial reality, but also the result of the determination and the desire to make themselves known all over the world. Sipar has in fact managed to establish itself on the European market first, and then to expand also outside Europe (China, Middle East, America, Africa, Oceania)

If you are interested in evaluating the purchase of aluminum sunshades and would like to know more, you can contact us by calling +39 0364.59.89.93 or by sending an email to: We will be glad to offer you all our help to find the solution that best suits your needs.

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