Sipar is talking about itself in the magazine “Nuova Finestra”

This month Sipar is on newsstands and online with a service completely devoted to the company in the trade magazine Nuova Finestra.

Within the number 489 of April 2022, the DBInformation periodical magazine has an eight-page insert entirely dedicated to the company based in Brescia.

The Italian magazine “Nuova Finestra”: 38 years of history

“Nuova Finestra” is a periodical trade magazine devoted to the news in the field of doors and windows that has been published for over 38 years. Thanks to its large base of regular readers, it quickly became the reference point for those who design, manufacture, sell and install windows and glass.

11 publications are distributed every year for a total of 18,000 copies read between physical press and periodicals distributed digitally.

Every month the sector magazine offers constant updates on technologies, products, companies, market trends, regulations and laws, with various comments from experts and authoritative representatives of the sector in order to guarantee constant training for the operators of the window and door sector.

Sipar talks about itself in the Italian trade magazine “Nuova Finestra” of April 2022

Within the publication number 489 of the month of April 2022 of “Nuova Finestra”, starting from page 120, Sipar has decided to tell its story through the printing of an insert of eight pages.

The story is part of the series “The companies tell each other” hosted every month by the magazine and, within the reportage, there is a detailed story telling about who Sipar is, what the company does and what its most important products are .

Its international soul is presented with 36 international markets served and over 26 years of activity.

There is also a focus on the different series of the rolling shutters range on which the company has decided to specialize and a detailed description of the Misura buil-in box in extruded polystyrene (XPS), a product patented by the company’s technicians and which allowed it to stand out from competitors within the industry.

Finally, there is a brief overview of other important patents deposited and created by the Brescia-based company: the Siparlight Evolution system, which is an innovation in the field of rolling shutters which allows you to create products allowing you to adjust the degree of external light that filters inside an environment. Then there is the Autolock Sipar kit, the excellent automatic safety lock which allows you to protect any type of rolling shutter through an automatic locking system at the time of closing.

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