SIPAR Israel is born: the new production site for the international market

After years of study, design and investments, we can finally announce it: SIPAR Israel is born, our new production site in Israel.

A decade of continuous international growth has lead  us to strengthen our production capacity in order to meet the demands of expanding foreign markets. China, the Middle East, Oceania, Russia, South Africa and Central America are the non-European countries where our customers have grown rapidly in recent years.

How to offer these markets an impeccable service, while continuing to serve the Italian and European markets with the same speed and efficiency? SIPAR Israel was the solution.

What does it mean for us and our customers to have a new plant in Israel available? We will see it shortly.

First we want to take a step back and tell you how we got here.

Quality and innovation: from Pian Camuno to global expansion

Our company was founded in 1996 in the province of Brescia, in Pian Camuno. At the beginning, the core of our business was the production and marketing of rolling shutters, aluminum profiles and accessories.

In around ten years, with continuous investment in research and development and new production lines, we have added Jalousie with adjustable slats, aluminum systems and accessories for balconies to our catalogue.

In 2015 we started producing built-in boxes and in 2019 we launched our innovative and patented AUTOLOCK motorized safety lock.

During these 20 years of activity, our commitment to satisfy the demands of foreign markets has never been reduced. The opening of our new production site in Israel comes at the end of a long process of investments in increasing the production capacity of our Italian headquarters.

If you are wondering if production in Italy will stop, the answer is absolutely no.

The beating heart of our company will remain in Pian Camuno: the Research & Development department and the large production plant in which we have invested so much over the years.

The new headquarters will not replace our Italian industrial plant but will be an added value for the whole company. And for our customers.

SIPAR Israel: product and service innovation

Our new plant in Israel will allow us to enhance production capacity and better serve the constantly expanding foreign markets.

Not only that: Israel is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, the heart of start-ups and innovations of all kinds.

Our presence in this area will allow us to guarantee continuous production innovation to our national and international customers. In the new plant, machinery and production lines with a high technological component have been installed. These make our plant one of the most advanced on the European continent in the door and window sector.

It is thanks to the use of innovative solutions that we can optimize production costs and keep our products competitive – guaranteeing the same strict quality standards.

The strategic geographic position of Israel also allows us to improve the management of logistics and distribution on the eastern and intercontinental markets.

The new production plant for us does not only mean expanding production but:

  • reduce the management and distribution times;
  • offer a better level of service for all foreign countries;
  • pave the way for new product innovations.

More value, more service, more innovation: these are the goals of SIPAR Israel.

The new ROLLIGHT profile: exclusive SIPAR Israel production

Innovation and technology are the same characteristics that distinguish the first profile produced in the SIPAR Israel plant. ROLLIGHT is the curved profile, in insulated aluminum, for design and high performance rolling shutters.

Thanks to the polyurethane foam, this profile guarantees excellent acoustic and thermal insulation. The ROLLIGHT rolling shutter allows you to handle the entry of light, protects environments from UV rays and, with the recirculation of air, prevents the formation of mold.

It is also a completely eco-friendly product.

There are various configurations available: two different types of aluminum thickness, two different densities of polyurethane, hard or super hard paint. In addition, the external finish is available smooth or striped and in 12 colors.

As for the design, the decorative slot, available in three different versions, is registered both in Italy and in Israel.

It is therefore the ideal profile for even the most demanding customer.

A constantly evolving story: ours, with you

The goal of our company has always been to meet the needs of each customer with the highest quality products resulting from Made In Italy innovation.

Our new production site will allow us to continue doing this. With the same quality, but with an even faster and more efficient service.

We will continue to invest in people and in Research & Development to ensure you innovative products and a highly competitive level of service.

SIPAR Israel is a great achievement, but it is only one of the first along our path.

We are confident that with your trust we will reach many others together.

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