Sipar, ITALIAN skilled company for production of aluminium profiles for rolling shutters all over the world

The great experience of SIPAR in the field of rolling shutters and security rolling shutters has led the company to distribute internationally  its products. SIPAR has consolidated its presence all over the world by reinforcing and widening the production of aluminium foamed and extruded profiles adding also a wide range of accessories like boxes, handles, joints, side caps, gears and anti-burglary systems.


A large plant on a surface area of 4.000 sqm


The initial production plant has widen and also SIPAR’s presence in the market thanks to a skilled team of technicians and avant-garde machinery.  A wide establishment seated in the industrial estate of Pian Camuno (Brescia) with a surface area of more than 4,000 sqm  has also permitted to SIPAR to constantly invest in research and development activities in order to grant a full system for installing rolling shutters. Thanks to its large production capacity, SIPAR is able to supply more than 50 countries all over the world.


Four avant-garde production lines


SIPAR has four production lines of aluminium profiles for rolling shutters in its plant of Pian Camuno.
These production lines represent the heart of the company: with more than twenty years’ experience, SIPAR produces quality products both on functional and esthetical point of view and they are continuously growing.
SIPAR is mainly made of people. Only a good work of final checking during the last production’ step can assure a high quality product.


SIPAR uses 100% European raw materials

The strength of SIPAR is also connected to the attention paid to high quality of raw materials which is the key point for producing aluminium profiles of quality and which can last over the years.
The most important element is for sure the quality of aluminium coils because directly affects the wind resistance value and the durability of the finished product (rolling shutters). Raw materials which are 100% made in Europe and its skilled team of technicians are the key principals of SIPAR and its competitiveness on the market in comparison to its competitors.


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