SIPAR: Manufacturers of rolling shutters and systems for outdoor use

How much have people’s needs in terms of shutters and windows expanded?

Our sector is in full evolution; darkening and security needs are intertwined with high expectations of design and technological innovation and today end users are looking for solutions that go beyond basic functionality.

They require systems that not only protect and isolate, but which integrate harmoniously into the architecture of the spaces, are intuitive to use and contribute to the energy efficiency of buildings.

In this context, retailers are looking for partners capable of offering cutting-edge products that respond to these complex needs, combining technology, aesthetics and functionality.

SIPAR represents precisely this: a strategic partner for retailers who wish to anticipate and satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers.


SIPAR: suppliers of efficient, safe and stylish aluminum shutters for over 25 years

But why should you choose SIPAR over the competition?

We are experts in the production of rolling shutters and shading systems, with a complete range of highly customizable and innovative solutions, designed to meet and exceed the specific needs of retailers and, consequently, end customers.

This includes not only rolling shutters but also a wide range of products such as built-in boxes , burglar-proof systems Autolock , sunscreens , jalousie , and balcony solutions .

SIPAR’s wide perspective, with its international presence consolidated by a new manufacturing facility in Israel equipped with advanced technologies, underlines its goal of providing cutting-edge solutions to a global market.

SIPAR’s focus on Made in Italy quality , combined with efficient production processes and a strong investment in research and development, allows the company to create tailor-made products that meet rigorous quality standards.

This approach, together with the vast product offering that goes well beyond traditional rolling shutters, places SIPAR as a reliable partner for retailers seeking to satisfy the increasingly complex and different needs of their customers.


Examples of innovation and efficiency in the sector

To illustrate where SIPAR excels in terms of innovation and research in its roller shutter products, let’s give concrete examples:

  • Security Series : SIPAR’s Security Series represents a clear example of how innovation is at the center of our offer. These rolling shutters are designed for maximum anti-burglary security, integrating anti-cyclonic systems and anti-lifting options. This shows the attention to the safety of living and commercial spaces, combining advanced technology with practicality of use.
  • Autolock : The Autolock system is a motorized lock for rolling shutters with automatic closing, which can be interfaced with standard tubular motors on the market. This system, which is the result of two years of design, represents a news on the international scene, offering a smart and safe solution that adapts perfectly to modern daily life.
  • Sunscreen systems : SIPAR’s sunscreens are designed to effectively regulate the entry of light and air into rooms, contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings. These external systems aim to offer solutions that not only improve the aesthetic appearance of buildings but also contribute to sustainability and living comfort .
  • Green Series : This series of insulated aluminum roller shutters is an example of the integration of ecological offers among our products. Offering perfect thermal and acoustic insulation, the Green Series rolling shutters are also environmentally friendly; a perfect solution for those looking for products that are not only efficient but created with respect for the environment.

Experience, innovation and attention to detail are not intended to be a source of pride for us, but rather a security for our customers. We want to be the partner who assists you in creating better spaces. Our shutters, sunshade systems and advanced security solutions are designed to improve not only the functionality but also the well-being of the environments in which your customers live and work, guaranteeing safety, comfort and design.


For additional and tailor-made information for shutters and other systems, we invite you to download the catalogue or contact the company directly.

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