The alternative design to aluminum adjustable shutters: SIPAR Light Evolution

Today you can offer your customers a better solution than the classic aluminum adjustable rolling shutters.


In recent years, adjustable rolling shutters have become one of the most requested products on the market thanks to their hybrid functions between rolling shutter and normal shutter.


The adjustable rolling shutter is characterized by:

  • complete and retractable roller shutter system;
  • adjustable aluminum slats to modulate the entry of air and light.


The advantages over just shutters or roller shutters are obvious. In fact, this product allows you to adjust the light and air flow at will, without sacrificing privacy and a space-saving roller shutter system.


Along with these great qualities, however, we also find some defects. At least according to the end customers who find themselves choosing the right window for their home.


  • The classic design of the roller shutters on the market is generally not very suitable for modern or minimal style constructions;
  • The mechanism for managing the orientation of the slats is not always appreciated – because it requires a minimum of manual effort;
  • The maintenance and cleaning of the slats and the orientation mechanisms can be inconvenient, especially in seaside locations where wind, sand and salt create an oily and difficult-to-remove surface on the external doors and windows.

It is precisely to provide a solution to these critical issues, identified by consumers, that we have designed our new line of Light Evolution shutters.


Light Evolution shutters: the evolution of adjustable shutters

The SIPAR Light Evolution rolling shutter is the only product on the market that maintains all the benefits of aluminum adjustable roller shutters, eliminating their defects.


The Light Evolution rolling shutters are made of aluminum profiles arranged in such a way as to have a free space of customized height from 5mm to 20mm.



When the shutter is open, these slots allow external light to filter without sacrificing privacy and without any need to manually intervene on the orientation of the slats.

When closed, however, the profiles adhere perfectly to each other, eliminating spaces and offering complete blackout.

An innovative and design alternative, with the same functionality, but more comfortable. And energy saving guaranteed!

Technology and energy efficiency in a new generation series

SIPAR Light Evolution shutters are designed to allow maximum exploitation of natural light. With classic aluminum adjustable rolling shutters, laziness often wins over energy saving. Especially when it comes to areas of the house that are not very busy or passing through, such as stairs, guest rooms or service bathrooms.

Who opens the slats for a few minutes or seconds? Turning on the light is the most convenient solution.

With Light Evolution, on the other hand, it is sufficient to keep the shutter partially open to allow natural light to filter through the entire environment, while maintaining total privacy.


And to make everything even more convenient – for the benefit of savings and comfort – our shutters can be installed with an electric motor and connected to smart remote management systems.

Safety and peace of mind with AUTOLOCK


Light Evolution shutters can be supplied together with Autolock to ensure thief-proof safety in all environments. What are we talking about?

Autolock is the patented system, unique on the national and international market, for the automatic safety closure of rolling shutters.

Operation is based on a motorized bar applied to the final part of the roller shutter: when the shutter ends its descent, two latches are automatically pushed into the special escutcheons installed on the side guides.

The roller shutter thus becomes a real safety element to protect the home.



Light Evolution SIPAR roller shutters: we highlight the advantages

Light Evolution shutters are an innovative product designed to combine the advantages of rolling shutters and standard shutters according to the requests of end customers.

  • They allow you to modulate the entry of air and light thanks to the choice of the size of the free space between the profiles.
  • Maintain optimal privacy even when open and guarantee complete blackout when closed.
  • They have a design profile and are suitable for modern and minimal buildings and homes.
  • They are easy to clean and low maintenance, perfect for any location.
  • They can be motorized and connected to smart home management systems.
  • They can be installed with Autolock for total safety of the environments.

Offer the best to your customers: there is more than the classic aluminum adjustable roller shutters!

Contact us for more information on the Light Evolution series or to request a personalized quote.

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