The insulated box: characteristics and advantages

More and more customers are requesting the insulated box in association with the fixtures.
We know it: thermal insulation is becoming increasingly important for those who decide to invest in a new home or renew their windows.

The fact is that there are different types of insulated boxes and they are by no means all the same.

Whether you’re looking for information on boxes for your home, or you’re a sector operator, this article contains what you need to know to choose excellent products to include in your home or offer to your customers.

Why the insulated box? Not just energy saving

Investing in an insulated box is always the right choice. Indeed, we can say that there are no more valid reasons for installing non-insulating cover boxes. And not just because of skyrocketing energy costs!

Of course, energy savings that’s the biggest advantage . One of our insulated boxes has a thermal transmittance of a quarter of that of PVC frames … which are the most insulated on the market.

In other words, this translates into energy savings that can reach 10% compared to the traditional box.

However, the insulated box also has other advantages which it is important to underline:

  • eliminates thermal bridges that create condensation and mold around the windows;
  • avoids humidity and protects mechanisms and fixtures from premature wear or rust.

In a nutshell: it makes the house a safer place for the health of those who live there. With an investment that is recovered in the blink of an eye between energy savings and tax deductions.

Another point in favor of the insulated box are in fact the deductions . Whether it is a new installation or a renovation, it is still possible to take advantage of the 50-65% EcoBonus until December 2024.

But how to choose the right box ? In Sipar we have been producing shutters and boxes for 25 years and we can tell you something.

Materials and Compatibility: Not all are created equal

There are many important technical details to keep under control when choosing these products, but the first and most fundamental is the material . The first insulated box were made of EPS polystyrene . With all the disadvantages of the case for duration and resistance.

Today, most modern quality boxes – like our MISURA – are made of XPS or fiberboard.

XPS is a water- repellent plastic material which does not absorb humidity and maintains stable thermal performance over time. This is why we chose it for our monoblocks!

Another aspect to check, whether you are a retailer or a home owner, is the compatibility with different windows. Our SIZE is compatible with any type of window (wood, PVC and aluminum) and with rolling shutters , sunscreens and technical blinds .

This means that with a single made-to-measure product, you will be able to satisfy different usage needs and make the appearance of the house uniform.

A last element to check is the absence of aluminum parts . As you know aluminum is a very bad insulator. This is why it is one of the first materials to create the annoying droplets of condensation when the internal and external temperatures are very different.

Having an insulated box with aluminum components would mean nullifying part of the work of the insulating material.

That’s why you won’t find any in our size boxes!

The innovation of the MISURA insulated box

MISURA is our prefabricated monoblock custom made . Thanks to its composition, it definitively eliminates thermal bridges, guaranteeing considerable energy savings. MISURA has an incredible list of advantages over other boxes on the market.

  • It is compatible with any type of window and is already equipped with all the accessories for assembly.
  • It has a variable thickness and can be adapted according to the needs of the construction site.
  • It has an I-PANEL shoulder (conglomerate of wood and resin) which gives it high structural resistance.
  • Inside there are slabs of FERMACELL (gypsum fiber) which improve soundproofing.

For all these reasons, MISURA , born from our long experience in the sector and developed directly by our R&D department , is one of the best performing containers on the market.

How much does the MISURA insulated box cost?

Our product is totally customized in terms of size and thickness . If you want to have a realistic estimate, contact us and tell us in detail about your project.

In any case, remember that MISURA’s strong point is its extreme thermal insulation which ensures all our customers a cool home in the summer and warm in the winter. Or at least, that the energy spent on air conditioning and heating is not wasted!

Do you want to know more about MISURA, include it in your product catalog or get a personalized quote for your project? Contact us now .

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