The new Sipar website: local, international and digital!

Our local identity has always been a valid support for the development of our brand and for its expansion in the world. Strongly rooted in the fertile industrial area of Brescia , Sipar has been able to make the best use of the resources it drew from the territory to innovate and always keep pace with market changes.

For us, looking to the future means investing in the most cutting-edge technologies, but also in our people and in the opening of new international offices, which help make our Made in Italy quality global and satisfy more quickly and better the needs of our clients.

It is in the same vein that, today, we want to improve our competitiveness by investing in digital and the infinite opportunities it can offer to our business. We are happy to announce that our new website is finally online : another piece of our evolution, which allows us to communicate with you in an innovative way, creating a two-way dialogue that aims to involve you even more actively in the Sipar universe.


The new Sipar website: what to expect?

Our new online portal has been designed to meet the more concrete needs of our public, which now moves in the digital world to find information and technical details on the products they need and to analyse solidity and reliability quickly and streamlined of its suppliers .

So what to expect when you start browsing the new Sipar website?
A space designed to measure for you.

Whether you are a private individual looking for useful data to understand the real advantages that Sipar products could provide to your living comfort.

Whether you are a reseller who would like to include our solutions in his range of proposals and want to understand what are the pluses that make our solutions really different from the others on the market.

Whether you are an installer who needs to have in-depth knowledge of the more technical characteristics of our products, to mount and assemble them simply and maximize the performance of the environments in which you work.

Among the pages of you can find a large corporate section that tells you who we are and how we transformed ourselves from a small company in Brescia to an international leader in the sector, letting you know our values and the philosophy that guides our decisions . But that’s not all: it also allows you to explore our offices, our production processes and the certifications that make our work – and yours – truly sustainable from every point of view, but also safe and able to effectively protect the well-being of those who will live the living spaces.

You will also find a section dedicated to the most practical and useful information for you. Our products are presented in detail and combined with easily downloadable data sheets , containing every measurement, detail and data that can support your decisions. An area entirely dedicated to downloads also contains all our technical material and our catalogues, so you can always have them at hand.

Finally, in the news section we will put at your disposal all the most interesting updates on the sector and on our news, as well as on the fairs where we can meet in person, because the direct relationship with our customers and our partners is the essential foundation of our idea of doing business.


Our core business, in digital version

The new website is an indispensable element of our communication and of the digital strategy that we are pursuing in close collaboration with qualified experts in B2B digital marketing: we know that, to do well, it is essential to have the right skills or to delegate the task to whoever owns.

Communicating with you is a two-way process for us: this is why the new site is designed to be a channel through which to convey our messages to you, but above all an open door that can accompany you inside the Sipar universe and allow you to talk to us in a simple and direct way.

In addition, we will also enhance our social channels , which will be a means of giving you professional updates and interesting insights in real time.

Curious to discover the new Sipar website? Start browsing now !

And tell us what you think : we are always open to advice and feedback that can help us improve and meet your needs.

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