The newspaper GUIDA FINESTRA is talking about us!

It is been a great award for SIPAR srl and for its new product AUTOLOCK.

The newspaper online Guida Finestra which especially care for  building market, has prepared ad-hoc news concerning our newborn product AUTOLOCK, our innovative motorized lock for rolling shutters with smart automatic closing system to be installed in the bottom bar of the shutter as anti-lift device

Autolock advantages. A real innovation for the market! After the shutter reaches its end of stroke, two latches come out automatically in order to reach the escutcheons inside the guides. In this way the shutter cannot be lifted from the bottom when the bottom bar touches the floor either when the shutter is completely closed or if it is placed in a position of partial black-out.


Autolock can be interfaced with any tubular motor – Guida Finestra is adding – and it allows to increase the safety level inside your house or your factory. Moreover, The simple circuit ,which connects the motor of the rolling shutter to the lock and the electronic board which handles both elements, ensures the reliability of the system”

The newsletter is closed by its founder’s comments, Silvio Taboni, “AUTOLOCK, patent pending, is fully new in the national and international landscape for making rolling shutters safe.

It is the automatic lock for rolling shutters which was missing in the market.

We have conceived this lock because in the market there was no motorized lock which could “communicate” directly with the shutter’s motor by closing and opening automatically the end latches inside the bottom bar.

At the same time this system allows also to secure rolling shutters with regulating light when they are in semi-opened position” Mr Taboni closes his comments in this way.

AUTOLOCK appreciation by Guida Finestra makes us very proud for our great achievement and we are encouraged, as a company, to go further and point at new  goals.



Here you can read the full news article

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