Universal Sliding Plates, why choose Sipar?

Sipar produces different types of sliding plates, with the aim of satisfying the needs of each costumer. This accessory can be very important during the assembling phase of a rolling shutter, as it allows to obtain many interesting advantages.

Do you have doubts about sliding plates? Would you like to receive a technical advice? Do not hesitate to contact us and to request a specialized consultancy with our technicians, experts in the field.

What are Sliding Plates?

Sliding plates are special plates equipped with wheels compatible with any type of tubular motor for rolling shutters.

They fit into the sides of the motor and they are very simple to install. In addition to the advantages we will see below, they allow to significantly reduce the effort that the motor applies during the lifting phase of the shutter allowing to considerably increase its duration over the years.

Advantages of Sliding Plates

We have already seen the main advantages of using sliding plates, but let’s make a more detailed list:

  • Easy to install
  • Noise reduced during the winding phase
  • Compatible with any type of tubular motor for rolling shutters
  • Reduction of the effort applied by the motor when lifting the shutter with a consequent increase of its duration

To install the system, it is only necessary to insert the roller assembled with the plates and the rolling shutter inside the rails in the side caps.

During the rolling or opening phase of the shutter, the plates arranged in the lateral sides of the box allow the linear sliding of the motor and the roller on which the profiles are wrapped up. The sliding plate has no motor, but it is moved by the weight and the sliding of the shutter.

Thanks to the plates installed in the side caps, the rolling axis of the roller shutter varies according to its winding diameter, making the sliding more linear.

This mechanism considerably lightens the rolling and opening of the shutter, reducing also the effort that the guides and the tubular motor have to bear.

Universal Sliding Plates rely on Sipar

Sipar produces different types of sliding plates, being able to respond to any and always guaranteeing the highest quality.

The types of sliding plates and related accessories produced by Sipar are:

  • for side cap of 250-300 mm
  • for side cap of 350-400mm
  • for plate of 450mm Universal with wall fixing

Furthermore, sliding plates are equipped with an aluminum sliding rail that, thanks to its design, rests directly on the profiles/side plates, making the structure even more solid.

With a full and performing range, Sipar is currently a leader on the national and international market in the production of universal sliding plates. Several clients have already recognized its quality and excellence. Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized consultancy with our specialized technicians.

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