What are the advantages of home automation applied to a shutter closing system?

Let’s start first (necessary premise!) explaining, in layman’s terms, the meaning of “home automation”. Home automation is that set of design and unification practices of the systems that is able to make private homes, offices, companies and any commercial space “smart”, i.e. technologically advanced, as it is equipped with cutting-edge services that perform functions independently. All clear? Good. Now let’s take it a step forward to try to answer the question in our title: what happens if such a highly developed system is applied to the roller shutter sector? What are the advantages for the end user?

Advantage n ° 1: Automation

If connected with the rolling shutter’ system, home automation allows your client, first of all, to have full control over his home status, thanks to automated services. This means you will be able to manage comfortably, even remotely, through a simple app downloaded on your smartphone, the opening and closing of the shutters at any time of the day. In this way you will be able to shield the income heat (so as not to get too hot or too cold in the house) and reduce electricity consumption, making full use of the natural light coming from the external environment. In fact, motorized systems can be interfaced through the twilight home automation system.  

Advantage n°2: Innovation

With Sipar rolling shutters interfaced with the home automation system, the client will have a highly advanced and functional system, available for the office and the house, which will guarantee him a well-being that he will no longer be able to give up. Easy to use and comfortable for every day; these are the advantages of interfacing SIPAR products with a home automation system.

Advantage n°3: Safety

Last, but certainly not least, is the “safety” factor.

With Sipar automatic rolling shutters, your client can choose to open and close all the shutters in a single moment, even remotely, and check their status. Through the app, he will be able to immediately verify their possible malfunction. In this way you can quickly activate the necessary measures and solve the problem.

In addition, if you want to guarantee a new level of security to your customer by integrating an element to the rolling shutter-home automation system, discover AutoLock, the new automatic closing system by Sipar. 

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