Security Series

Maximum security extruded aluminum profiles

Choose peace of mind, with our security shutters

The extruded aluminum shutters are equipped with sophisticated anti-burglary and anti-lifting mechanisms, which secure residential, industrial or commercial spaces from any attempt at unwanted intrusion.

The construction quality and reliability of the SECURITY series extruded aluminum profiles can also be characterized by anti-cyclonic safety systems and structures that favor the recirculation of air in the rooms, in order to maximize healthiness. A line of products that aims to create livable environments in comfort and complete serenity.

Security Series

Models available

Anti-burglary and anti-cyclonic profiles


Anti-cyclonic and anti-house breaking profile in extruded aluminium


Anti-cyclonic and anti-house breaking profile in extruded aluminium

Self-locking and anti-lift profiles


Extruded aluminium Profiles for self-locking systems


Extruded aluminium Profiles for self-locking systems

Security Series

What are the benefits?

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Sipar construction quality


Our R&D department works every day to integrate the most advanced technologies and the most modern design solutions in the sector into our products. Thanks to a two-way dialogue with the market, we are able to understand in advance the needs of our customers, whether they are individuals, installers or businesses, and meet their expectations of quality and reliability.

Leader in the sector

We have been producing shutters and accessories for over 25 years, following the life of each product in every phase, from design, to prototyping, up to final production. We work daily alongside those who install our solutions, to constantly improve their functionality and continue to be a true point of reference in the sector.

Made in Italy

Our production site is rooted in the Brescia area, from which we draw resources and human capital. For this reason, the artisanal savoir-faire, attention to detail and typically Italian style, which are icons of quality in the world, can be found in every Sipar product . We move towards the new and abroad, keeping our Made in Italy roots firmly in place.

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