Panoramic holes with a view

The profiles of the LIGHT series rolling shutters are equipped with panoramic holes, an innovative and aesthetically pleasing system to favor perfect continuity between the internal spaces and the outdoor areas. An integration that allows you to give airiness to the rooms, without ever losing sight of the importance of intimacy and confidentiality....
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Mold prevention

By actively promoting the recirculation of air, the rolling shutters of the LIGHT series allow constant and continuous airing of the internal spaces, counteracting the classic problem of humidity which can arise in the internal part of the windows. In this way the risk of the appearance of mold and condensation is reduced, optimizing the healthiness of each location....
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Passage of light

The LIGHT system allows customized regulation of indoor lighting, which allows you to take advantage of natural light to decide the degree of radiation in the rooms at any time of the day. A strategy that makes it possible to reduce energy waste while maintaining a degree of privacy that makes both private homes and commercial spaces comfortable....
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