The Autolock lock adapts to your spaces
Its smart design makes Autolock installable on most rolling shutters on the market. Thanks to a special universal terminal in extruded aluminium, it can be integrated with the doors and windows already present in homes, to increase their security.,

Autolock Kits

Smart automatic closure for rolling shutters

Autolock is a smart lock for motorized closing of rolling shutters , which allows you to increase the security of each home, making daily life more serene. An absolute novelty on the national and international scene, it revolutionizes the idea of domestic protection and improves comfort living.

  • Patented system
  • Certified security
  • Can be integrated with home automation systems

How does the Autolock system work?

Two latches come out of the motorized safety lock , which engage automatically inside the respective escutcheons applied to the side guides. The shutter therefore cannot be raised and the indoor spaces are safe.

A simple circuit connects the motor of the rolling shutter to the Autolock lock and to the electronic board which synchronizes the movements of the mechanism . Silent and efficient, Autolock stops the rolling shutter from being raised when the end bar is in contact with the floor, both when the shutter is totally closed and when it is in the partially darkened position. The smart closure also integrates an emergency manual release and practical LEDs that signal the operating status of the system.

Autolock and home automation

Your security is at your fingertips

The Autolock smart closure for rolling shutters is designed to integrate with the most advanced home automation systems and make home security management more practical. The electronics of the lock can be connected to modern Smart Home technologies, to activate comfort management and simplify everyday life .

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Design and functionality

Easy installation, perfect integration

Once assembled, the smart closure patented by Sipar has a minimal and clean aesthetic: it has no protrusions, but remains protected inside the bottom bar and the side guides.

  • It can be ordered as a kit
  • Also available in Bluetooth version
  • Can also be installed on extruded aluminum guides without chamber

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