Green Series

Profiles for rolling shutters in insulated aluminum and steel

Thermal efficiency and soundproofing for maximum comfort

Aluminum and steel profiles are extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear and weather events . The insulation increases the coefficient of thermal and acoustic insulation, making them an energy efficient and eco-sustainable choice.

The GREEN Series profiles are available in different design configurations , to adapt perfectly to the environments in which they will integrate. Their structure is designed to preserve the privacy and security of domestic or business environments, while allowing for effective modulation of the lighting in the spaces, ensuring a perfect level of ventilation and pleasant air circulation.

Green Series

Models available

Insulated aluminum profiles


Flat profile in insulated aluminum


Curved profile in insulated aluminum

T45 Evo

Insulated aluminum curved profile


Insulated aluminum curved profile


Insulated aluminum curved profile

T55 Desert

Insulated aluminum curved profile


Insulated aluminum curved profile

T59 Evo

Insulated aluminum curved profile


Insulated aluminum curved profile

High density insulated aluminum profile


High density insulated aluminium profile


High density insulated aluminium profile


High density insulated aluminium profile

T60 Evo

High density insulated aluminium profile

Insulated steel profiles


Insulated steel curved profile

Green Series

What are the benefits?

Sipar insulated profiles are available in different colours, including wood effect

Sipar construction quality

Design and resistance

Aesthetic research is an integral part of our business: we intercept industry trends in advance, to offer you modern products that are always in step with dynamic design trends. Our mission is to create profiles that are original, but also energy efficient and long lasting.

Certified raw materials

We pay very close attention to the materials we use in our production processes. We only select raw materials that are certified and compatible with our desire to do business in a sustainable way. Our products are resistant to atmospheric events, perfectly insulating and absolutely safe for the health of those who live there.

Made in Italy

Italian know-how is known throughout the world and has always been synonymous with craftsmanship, know-how and attention to detail. We want to be ambassadors of Made in Italy quality and style , combining the opening to new markets with research, development and production activities carried out within our plants in Pian Camuno.

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