Handles for rolling shutters , tubes, handles and joints

Maximum flexibility of movement with Sipar handles and joints

Among our accessories you will find a complete range of handles with relative joints . The handles are made up of a painted aluminum tube and a chromed steel handle and are available in three lengths (1500/1800/3000 mm) and four different colors (white, black, brown and grey).

The joints are classified according to the assembly. The 45° chromed steel joint is usually used for mounting under the box and has a variable angle rotating system. The 90° joint is used for front mounting, is equipped with a longer connecting rod (40 mm) and features an exclusive high-strength carbon steel anti-wear system, which helps to make movement easy and silent.

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For over 25 years we have been designing and producing innovative solutions, finding construction technologies that meet the concrete needs of installers, individuals and businesses. By intercepting and anticipating industry trends, we are able to provide you with functional, modern, design and performing proposals.

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We only use certified materials, which are resistant, durable and sustainable. All the raw materials that we use for our processes pass strict quality controls, so that they are safe and are able to improve the living comfort of those who live in domestic, commercial or industrial environments every day.

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Know-how is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. GB Our international vocation is combined with research, development and productionrigorously carried out within our plants in Pian Camuno in Brescia.

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