Rolling shutters for garage doors
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Find out how to choose the perfect shutter for your garage with our complete guide
The evolution of functionality
Design rolling shutters
A modern and functional alternative to the classic rolling shutters, the Light Evolution Sipar series offer a minimal style, maximum privacy and excellent energy savings.
Made in Italy
Security rolling shutters
Our rolling shutters, in aluminum and steel, guarantee perfect thermal and acoustic insulation to every home, as well as maximum security from break-in attempts.
Complete installations
The Sipar 3000 range
We create aluminum systems for stairs, balconies, railings, gates and fences, providing you with all the main accessories for a quality finished product.

Who is Sipar?

Design and safety, for over 25 years

We design and manufacture every component for rolling shutter installation , with a focus on thermal insulation, sound insulation and home safety. Known worldwide in the security rolling shutter sector, we are constantly evolving so that our solutions always respond to the specific needs of retailers.

By expanding the production of insulated and extruded profiles with the inclusion of boxes, side caps, handles and joints, gears and burglar-proof systems, we have consolidated our presence on the market and are able to cover an increasingly extensive range of requests.

Optimize the comfort and safety of your home with our wide range of rolling shutters.
The Sipar proposals combine the quality and solidity of the construction materials with the originality of the design, to transform the idea of well-being in the home.
1Green Series
2Light Series
3Security Series
4Standard Series
1Green Series

The insulated aluminum profiles offer perfect thermal and acoustic insulation.

Durable, environmentally friendly and equipped with a high level of resistance to hail (between 1 and 2), they ensure excellent lighting and ventilation of the rooms, always guaranteeing maximum privacy for those who live in domestic spaces.

2Light Series
3Security Series
4Standard Series

Made in Italy innovation

To fulfill our promise of quality, we invest every day in the search for new solutions, to be developed with the aim of anticipating your expectations.


Insulated built-in boxes

The insulated built-in box, prefabricated and made to measure to adapt to any type of window.

Balconies and Fences

Complete systems in aluminum for the construction of balconies, railings, gates, fences and handrails for stairs.


The internationally patented system for windows with adjustable slats that can be equipped with a motorized drive.


Systems for outdoor use, to regulate the entry of light and air into rooms, obtaining greater energy efficiency.
Safety and aesthetic performance

Protect garages, shops and shutters with Sipar construction quality.


Garage profiles in extruded aluminium and insulated or in insulated steel.

The profiles for garages and shutters have excellent resistance to bad weather and hail, are customizable and available in different configurations. They can be equipped with Autolock systems , anti-cyclonic profiles or anti-burglary systems.

Jalousie: the adjustable lamella windows

We offer our customers the complete system Jalousie, with international patent, for windows with adjustable slats, together with all the accessories necessary for the realization of the finished product such as seals, levers, brackets and handles.
anteprima-video-autolock-sipar (1)
Autolock Kits
Enjoy safe domestic and commercial spaces, with the automated lock for shutters patented by Sipar
Autolock is the intelligent automatic closure for rolling shutters , the result of Sipar innovation and experience. An absolute novelty on the international scene, it is made with exclusively Made in Italy materials to ensure optimal protection of indoor environments and a more serene daily life.
After the shutter reaches its descent, two latches come out automatically in order to reach the escutcheons inside the guides. The simple circuit ,which connects the motor of the rolling shutter to the lock and the electronic board which handles both elements, ensures the reliability of the system. The rolling shutter is prevented from lifting when the terminal bar is in contact with the floor, both with the shutter completely closed and in the partially darkened position.
Autolock safety lock can be adapted to any rolling shutter, thanks to a universal extruded aluminum bottom bar. Furthermore, it has no protrusions: all the mechanical or electrical contact parts are protected inside the bottom bar and the side guides, for an aesthetically clean effect that is compatible with any architectural context.
The Autolock automated lock can be connected to modern SmartHome systems and is configured to allow its locking mechanism to dialogue with the most advanced home automation and make security management much smarter.

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